Why Grow Pumpkins?

September 22, 2014

pumpkin10Why, oh why do I grow pumpkins?  After all, someone My Loving Spouse might say,

“They take up a lot of room.”

Team Offspring likes the pumpkins, but after about 5 times of being drug out to look at them, they seem to be able to pass on future pumpkin gazing.

This year’s harvest came in at an impressive 40 pumpkins…and considering the fact that I ruthlessly kept them cut back, this is noteworthy pumpkin growing.pumpkinpc9

Pumpkins do fun and amazing things.  This year as they swarmed around Garden Gladys Night, one vine grew up and over her andiron legs.pumpkinpc5…and so a pumpkin grew right between them, up an off the ground!  Not a bit of mud on this one…yes, it looked like Gladys had given birth to a pumpkin.pumpkinpc6

THE Grandson needed a pumpkin…or 5, so I delivered his when I visited him last week.


Lots of people (always adults) say,

“What are you going to do with all those pumpkins?”

Why share them of course!  pumpkin7Because that is the magic of pumpkins…pumpkinpc1They are super fun to share…pumpkinpc3So…why grow pumpkins?   Well, you can make pumpkin butter, pumpkin cake or muffins (my favorite) or pumpkin pie…notice I said ‘you’ because ‘you’ can, I have never done so…so I have no idea where to even start.   So…why grow pumpkins?  Well, because they are fun, very, very fun!pumpkin2

  • Diane Brown

    You are becoming quite the expert pumpkin grower!

    • Ellen

      You were there when it all started!

  • Heather Flatley

    Great post, great pictures, the kids are so cute!

    • Ellen

      The kids were so fun!

  • Richard

    Absolutely love this post! And the looks on the childrens faces…don’t stop growing them!!

    ps – I hope to come and see my sister in Bozeman next year and might have to come and see you with greetings from Whitby in North Yorkshire.

    • Ellen

      Thank you Richard, it would be fun us to have you here!

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