Grandparents Weekend

October 5, 2015

This weekend was one of those that we’d dreamed about…  Beautiful fall weather, blue skies, warm (not hot), cool (not cold), still (not windy)…and THE Grandson was here!  At almost 15 months old this was the first time, that THE Grandson was really old enough so start to enjoy the farm.  jonah farm pat

He was entranced by the horses…

He looked for the chickens…jonah farm chickenHe laughed as we fed the pigs…

He checked out the tractors and possibly licked a tire wheel.

He laughed at cats…

He discovered spider webs and sticks…jonah farmHe had his first animal cracker.

Agnes our cow licked his hand…and he laughed.

He delighted in the pumpkins…jonah farm pumpkinsHe hung out with his Uncle and Aunt to the delight of us all…

and we were blessed…very, very blessed.

  • judyvickdahlson

    Two doting grandparents, it doesn’t get any better than that for a kid!

  • Miriam

    He is ADORABLE!!! What a warm and fuzzy day to share with him.
    That photo of him looking for the chickens is awesome! Makes me think of a sci-fi story where a little kid has access to a wonderful hidden world .Frame it!

    • Thank you!!
      I have learned by trying to take pictures of him without showing his face that there is a whole new world available to capture!

      He is adorable…I am going to private message you one…or two!

  • Diane

    Oh, what a precious, precious time! I love the pictures!

    • Ellen

      It was such a wonderful blessing. Everyone enjoyed seeing the farm through the eyes of a little child.
      Thanks friend.

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