Gorgeous Gourds

October 4, 2013

My Neighbor Sue has been growing gourds abundantly!  Colorful, interesting and a bit odd, they come in a variety of shapes and colors.  My Neighbor Sue has had what we call ‘Gourd Mountain’ and because we share a love of growing squash type (subliminal message here…pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins) vegetables, we are an encouragement to each other.  I have been marveling over the progress and growth of gourd mountain and she comes to check out my pumpkin patch.  We are a pretty darn good match…we can’t figure it out, but not everyone is as in awe or as excited as we are at squash.


With the gourd harvest complete, we have been gifted many gourds, which is very cool.  I’d never even think of planting gourds as I really am a ‘pumpkin type’ of squash lover, but these gourds are so interesting it is really fun to have them.



There is this one that is just so weird, you wonder what or how it ever came to be.  It is so odd…you just have to like it.

photo 3picmonkey

Without a doubt my favorite (probably because it reminds me of pumpkins) is the striped one.



Because My Neighbor Sue has been so busy growing gorgeous gourds, she has NO big, beautiful, orange pumpkins!  I will happily be sharing some of mine.  I did NOT plant the whole pumpkin seed packet this year, but even so from the few seeds I planted, I’m set to harvest about 20 (yes, I’ve counted) nice sized pumpkins!


  • Miriam

    What a great pumpkin farmer you are!

  • Sheena

    Love it Ellen! I wish we didn’t have a North facing garden and could grow some fruit and veg.
    When are you next heading this way? Your room is ready! Sxx

    • Ellen

      Thank you Sheena! So nice of you, don’t know yet when it will be but will look forward to having a visit when we do!

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