Goose Hunting

January 20, 2013

It was quite the day for our goose hunters.  My Loving Spouse said, it was the most fun he has had hunting in years. ( It wasn’t actually so much fun for the geese.)  The day included Our Friend the Farmer and one of his young grandsons who was eager to learn to hunt and get his first goose.  Luckily for the Grandson, My Loving Spouse just happened to have a boy sized shot-gun for him to use.  The hunters have a new agreement, that the small gun will stay with Our Friend the Farmer so he can teach his collection of grand-kids how to shoot, until such time as My Loving Spouse has a grandchild to teach.  Since our kids only have two puppies and a hedge hog, odds are that it will be away from home for some time.  My Loving Spouse grew up bird hunting in England, so I am delighted that he has a new pal here to hunt with.

There were the multiple phone calls to organize the big hunt, the usual questions…

What to wear?  Camo to match the weeds or white to match the snow?  What time should we go?  Early or earlier?

Whatever they decided must have been just right as the mighty hunters bagged some nice geese.  My favorite shot is of the Grandson with a goose almost as big as he is.


Our Friend the Farmer making memories with his Grandson…..



My Loving Spouse took care of Phase One of the ‘after the hunt’ work called plucking and ‘stuff”, which you only want to do for just so many geese.  Phase Two became my job, which is called find someone who’d like some geese.  I did find a fun couple from church and as most married couples who’ve been together a long time, they have their own special language.

I called the wife, “Would you like some geese?  They still have the feathers?”  She said, “Sure.  Can you freeze them with the feathers on?”

The Wife then told her Husband that we were bringing him some ducks.  As he is known to rescue many baby animals he was wondering what in the world he was going to do with a couple of baby ducks to raise.  When we showed up, not with two live baby ducks, but two dead geese, he was quite delighted.

3 responses to “Goose Hunting”

  1. John & BJ says:

    Big smile – wonderful memories for the boy!

  2. Cousin Rob says:

    Hi Ellen (Cousin), Pat (Loving Spouse) & Laura (The Teen),
    I was just wondering since you lent the “boy next door” what I assumed was a 410, if you needed another shotgun I have an extra Remington 870/12 pump you could store for me (was my dad’s).
    Good hunting,

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