Gifts of the Season

December 22, 2014

giftspc3With just 4 days until Christmas gift giving is in full swing.  My Librarian, The School Nurse and I all received a gift from the kids to start our holiday break.  So, because of them sharing this ‘gift’ with me, this was my breakfast.  Prepared by My Loving Spouse and if you are part of Team Offspring, you know what this means…and are saying….

“Ut, oh!”giftspc2This is not just toast, this is ‘sick toast’.  Whenever we were sick, but ready to eat something, my mom would give us toast cut into these strips, so hence the name…’sick toast’….her mom did it for her and I did it for my kids.  For most of the day…this is all I had.  Yep, we were ‘gifted’ with kid germs…the flu…and I haven’t been so sick in a long time.

It is a sure thing I will not be baking anything for anyone now…and that will be my gift.  I do so hope I can manage to not share this ‘gift’ with anyone else.

So, I am enjoying the sound of Christmas carols playing on the computer between naps and gazing out the window, listening to the dogs bark at each other and at nothing…and remembering other years of the Christmas flu…

…and as I do wander out to the rest of the house I get to pass our beautiful tree with the ‘new’ ornaments made from old quilts My Librarian gave me…and I think isn’t that how our Christmas memories are…a bit of the new…tied into the old…giftspc1…I do so hope yours are healthy memories this year!

2 responses to “Gifts of the Season”

  1. Miriam says:

    Oh Ellen! So not fair you are hit with the Christmas flu!! Rest alot and eat chicken soup with that “sick toast”…. Feel better soon!

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