Getting It Done

June 21, 2015

We got lots done and we did it…his way, sort of a salute to Father’s Day.  Using the chain saw and burning through 2 chains and getting the saw so hot we boiled the gas, we (well…sort of ‘we’, meaning…’he’) trimmed off the tops of the fence posts made from rail road ties.  It was hot and stinky, but the wind was not blowing, so that made it a good day.

Then came the discussion about ‘the’ paint sprayer.  Last summer I gave ‘the’ paint sprayer a try, and it did not go well.  Not only did it go poorly, but I was pretty sure I’d broken it as well.  I was not looking forward to a repeat performance.  My Loving Spouse was sure the paint sprayer would work and I would love that it could glide paint on easily.  Since it was Father’s Day, we gave it a ‘go’ and he was right!  In one hour we painted the whole fence (and a little bit of grass).fenceI even let him have a turn…fence painting…and he asked me if I am now a believer…fencing painting 2‘Yes, dear…you were right’…and he was…it was a beautiful thing.

We even trimmed the tree his way….and I pretended that it was a good idea.tree trims

  • Miriam

    I kinda like “his way” of trimming the tree…. beats a ladder that can wobble.

    • Ellen

      Yes, but his wife is the one in charge of getting him up and down and I do not always remember which way the control works!

    • Not me! I am the one who has to run the controls and lift him up and down and sometimes I forget which way they work!

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