Future Cattleman of the Year

October 15, 2012

One of the interesting farm/ranch/non-city items left here for us was a shiny tank.  It looked like a milking tank, somewhat bigger than anything I’d seen Mary and Laura Ingalls use on Little House on the Prairie, which is where I got a lot of my farm/ranch information prior to moving to the country.  Still, the kids and I thought it was pretty cool, until we actually found out exactly what it was…. a semen tank.  A semen tank for inseminating cows.   I don’t know or want to know how they actually get the semen in the tank.  So, city people are you still with me?

It turns out that a semen tank is actually a fairly expensive item.  We are practical people and we don’t throw away useful items, even when they do or did hold semen.  So we offered the tank to Our Friend the Farmer.  It turns out he doesn’t need one, because he takes care of “increasing” his herd the old-fashioned way.  I guess, if you’ve seen the commercials for ‘Happy Cows from California’, this means there are a few “happy” bulls in Ellensburg.

A friend’s son is destined to be a Future Cattleman of the Year.  A polite boy, not even a teen yet he is very interested in raising cattle, learning all about it and fascinated with Bull sperm.  Our Future Cattleman of the Year is totally legit, as he just recently sold his two calves for $1700.  Not too shabby!!  When My Loving Spouse told him he had a gift for him, ‘His very own semen tank’, his face lit up like a Christmas tree and he asked if he could go see it right away!  He washed it, shined it and couldn’t wait to show his Dad.

Oh, and where did our Future Cattleman of the Year sell his cattle?  Cows r’ Us in Moses Lake, Washington.   It made me wonder, do you think the tank could get filled by Sperms r’ Us?*


*I highly advise against checking that out on the web!


  • Leslie Wizan

    One of the best posts yet!! This city gal cracked up!

  • Heather Flatley

    It would have been a nice vase with a big flower arrangement! Too funny!!!

  • Diane Brown

    I have learned so much about farming and country life from you. However, my loving spouse doesn’t know anything about either so, I don’t believe we will be buying a farm any time soon.

  • Christap

    Such a good belly chuckle from this post… Thank you! Xo

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