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February 25, 2017

I’m back!  I wondered where I had gone.  I was even a little bit worried, that I might not find me, but I did.  It turns out that painting our home, 18 months ago took a toll.  I have had little desire to work on the house, paint or fix up almost anything, which was a problem as we haven’t finished the restoration here.

However, I am back!  I am so relieved.  When My Loving Spouse gave me the nod, to change out our furniture last week, it was as if, my ‘restoration’ switch was flipped back on.  I found my mojo in my quest to banish the over abundance of brown furniture.  After the streets had thawed, I ran right out to visit my friend Sherwin Williams and painted our bedroom that very night.  It is My Loving Spouse’s favorite color.  It is called, “My wife is happy with it and I did not have to paint it” or you might call it light gray.  Sherwin Williams calls it ‘Granite’.  I call it perfect, especially with my new white dresser.I didn’t stop there.  My Librarian had given me a ‘project’ dresser she never got around to fixing.  It was the perfect size for my ironing table for quilting and it holds my flannel scraps.  It is brown.  It needed some work…Since I had a fresh paintbrush and a can of gray paint, I painted it.I also learned that you can modge podge fabric on to furniture.  I learned the hard way, that when using light fabric, one might want to paint the furniture first as the brown tones do show through the fabric, but for now, I am just filing that into my information bin.  The dresser is so much better than before, it just makes me happy.Most of my life, I have needed to ‘make do’ with what furniture I had.  I was pretty good at ‘making do’ and making those things better.  Being able to buy a few new pieces, and making our beautiful old farm-house with it’s odd shaped rooms, finally feel right makes me…settled, happy, excited, content and very blessed.

I still have half a jar of modge podge….I wonder what I should do with it?

4 responses to “Furniture Fix”

  1. Diane says:

    I love the new white dresser! I have never thought of putting fabric on dresser drawers, I really like the look!

  2. John says:

    What’s on the calendar for May projects??

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