Fresh Eggs

July 20, 2017

We have true free range chickens.Unfortunately they like to hang out on the porch on windy or hot days…or still, cool days…or rainy days.  Yep, just about everyday, hanging out, pooping on the porch.  They have a short memory, because they get chased off with a broom by me often!  Then they jump into what was supposed to be a strawberry patch-flower garden and take a dust bath.  The high price of fresh eggs.The girls do provide what I think are the best eggs in the valley.  Even Our Friend the Farmer, said, “Oh, I sure do like your eggs!”  He has geriatric hens that have stopped laying, so he has joined my small, but faithful collection of egg customers.I set out a dozen eggs, in a cooler.  I have a low tech, collection container for payment.It is all done on the honor system.  Folks pay for the eggs and then help me out by laying the sign down and putting the cooler beside the fence.

Do people steal the cooler?  No

Do people steal the eggs?  No

Do people bring back egg cartons, even when there are no eggs?  Yes, lots.Is life good?

You bet!


6 responses to “Fresh Eggs”

  1. Jane Gese says:

    We love your eggs too, just wish we knew when exactly to pick some up, but it’s worth taking a chance and driving out!

  2. Dawn Stimson Ellis says:

    I love this! When we went to Kawaii we saw that people had put fruit and eggs out at their driveways on this honor system. I was amazed that people didn’t steel the items or the money. That would never work in L.A. Ha ha.

  3. Miriam says:

    What beautiful eggs! So many colors. I have a city girl question: why are eggs different colors? Have anything to do with the color of the hens? Does one hen always lay the same colored eggs? And did the chicken REALLY cross the road?

    • Ellen Walton says:

      White chickens lay white eggs. Dark chickens lay dark eggs. We have 3 roosters, that are to ‘cross the road’ tonight. They will be caught and taken to our neighbor who will give them to his mother….who will eat them.

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