September 21, 2013

I might have mentioned (a few dozen times) that we have a few (thousand) flies currently buzzing about the place…driving us crazy (crazier).  We swat, we zap, we vacuum, we cheer the cat when she catches one…but, it is bad here.  I was feeling a tad embarrassed that we had so many darn flies, but then luckily…I went out.

Yesterday, I worked at the local elementary school.  While I was struggling in the work room to cut out apples, buses and triangles, there was another woman there on a fly-tirade.  She was whacking and smacking and doing a bit of muttering.  Did my heart good.

My favorite fly-incident so far though, was when I showed up to quilting at church.  A dear little soul (sweet older lady) a tad on the petite side, always nicely dressed, sweet words come out of her mouth…was running around the kitchen with a wooden spoon whacking the flies to the best of her ability….she too was muttering a bit.

I have even heard multiple discussions about flies… everybody’s got them and they are worse this year than ever.  I guess misery does love company…when it comes to flies.

It makes me think of a special, exceptionally bright friend reciting Ogden Nash poetry one evening….

The Fly

God in his wisdom made the fly

and then forgot to tell us why.

The End

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