Finishing #3’s Quilt

June 18, 2016

Number Three Son was graduating from high school in Utah.  The end of high school for Team Offspring!  It seemed to me, that a graduation quilt was in order.  Starting the quilt was easy.  I had a Moda JellyRoll in my stash.  (For those of you who do not speak ‘quilting’ Moda is a very nice line of fabric.  JellyRoll is a packaging of like fabrics pre-cut into strips.  Stash is a quilter’s fabric pile, usually seen by the quilter as not really enough and often seen by the quilter’s family as ‘what in the world will they ever do with all this fabric’).joe quiltBlack, red and grays went together fairly quickly into a long skinny quilt, a good fit for Number Three Son.  I used a cozy gray flannel for the backing.  I quilted it prior to the week of his graduation as Dear John’s Wife was here and I thought she’d like to see the long arm quilter in action, which she did!joe quiltingI had an emergency quilting situation arise, when I realized that the plan for the binding would not work.  It was late on Friday and My Loving Spouse was set to fly out the following Tuesday for the graduation and to deliver the Graduation Quilt.  We have a small, but delightful quilting store, The Purple Door, here off a country road.  They are technically not open on Friday, but they will open for an emergency.  Their store is on the other side of their garage, so if they will help you out if they can.  The Purple Door recognized an emergency when they heard one.  No binding fabric for a Graduation Quilt that needed to be done immediately.  They could open for us as soon as they’d gotten back from town where they went to buy chicken food.joe quilt bindingThe red-spotted fabric was a perfect finish.  The only other mistake I made, was to not take Dear John’s Wife up on her offer to work on binding the quilt.  If I had, I would not have been up until midnight of the first night we got the kids, so My Loving Spouse could take off for Utah in the morning.joe quilt done

Still, I did get it done.  It did get delivered and My Loving Spouse told me, that Number Three liked it.

Graduation quilts done!  Well….maybe…until Number Two Son graduates from CWU next year…

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  1. Miriam says:

    I LOVE your color choices and how they merge with each other! Just beautiful!

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