Feeling Blessed

September 5, 2014

Sometimes I leave little loving messages for my kids….blessedBecause that is what life is about, this living together…communication, mess and love.

My kids have all aged out of the teen years and we made it!  Oh, they still think I am a tad crazy, sort of forgetful and a bit over zealous about pumpkins, cows, football and them…but they have come to handle it well.  Some days the knowledge of how much I am blessed just hits me over the head like a hammer and I need to stop and say…I am grateful…for who all of my children are…they are all kind, thoughtful, considerate, funny and a tad too opinionated, but hey, no one is perfect.

I still often am not sure why I write this blog… the challenge…the reward you all bring to me…the money (hahahaha….since it only costs me)…seriously, for the history…so to those kiddos I brought into the world…you bless me richly…thank you.

This was just one of those weeks where they were lovingly awesome.

Number One Son wanted to know how much I had spent on his college…and did I want him to pay me back?

“Ah…no, pay it forward…”

…and I received this text from him…blessed4School started this week, which is where I work.  My Girl working the night shift showed up with my favorite food group…chocolate chip cookies, 3 super yummy and delightful….to start my day off right.blessed2…and Number Two Son…had a plan.  He did not know it, but no one had ever bought me a new lunch box for school.  Being the 5th kid in my family, I do remember starting 1st grade with a lunch box slightly banged up by an older sibling, which my mother spray painted blue for me…it was serviceable, but not special.  I did manage to survive and thrive anyway…blessed1

This year I started the school year with a new lunch box, bought by Number Two and a lunch packed with all sorts of treats also bought by Number Two….and yes, I am very, very blessed and this post is for those 3 that bless me beyond measure and call me… Mom….Thank you.

3 responses to “Feeling Blessed”

  1. Miriam says:

    That is one snazzy lunch bag. I’m sure all lunches will taste better when carried in it!

  2. Diane Brown says:

    I agree that they are each unique and all quite delightful! You did a fantastic job raising them! I hope they are reading ALL of your notes.

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