Farm Prada

November 21, 2013

It is 10 degrees as I write!  Fahrenheit!  A tad chilly…

I even broke down yesterday and wore my ‘Farm Prada’ coat to town.  I never even heard of ‘Farm Prada’ before I moved here, well actually, I never even heard of most of the stores where you can buy this brand until I moved here….Ranch & Home, Cabela’s, Big R.  ‘Farm Prada’ is also known as Carhartt.  Carhartt is tough and warm…and the hay doesn’t stick to me when I feed the animals, which can be a surprisingly annoying occurrence in other outfits.

I squirreled this coat from Number One Son, who left it here to be his ‘farm coat’.  Luckily for me, he has relinquished the rights to it, because he loves his mother and also because it was a tad tight for him.  This is a good thing, because Farm Prada is not cheap, but it is worth it.  Should Number One have a change of heart and need his coat back, someone would need to go right out and get another one (in Merlot/purple this time) as this coat is a NEED not a want for the winter (fall and cold springs) on the farm here…as seen in many of my cold weather ‘glamour’ shots.

me with barn1photo (38)



I have come to understand and love my Farm Prada…it is tough and warm, really warm, which is very, very good especially on a day like today…  there are a few other country styles I do not really camouflage would be at the top of that list…but to each his own or probably with the pink camo, her own.

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  1. Diane Brown says:

    Wish I had a Farm Prada as we are heading to Park City, Utah tonight and I know my California “warm” coat is not all that warm in a Park City winter!

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