Fall Facts

October 28, 2014

The fact is, that Fall has always been my favorite season of the year.  Living here in the Pacific Northwest, where we actually have a change of season makes it even better!  Today was a stormy, rainy day, which succeed in making our mud…muddier.fallpicm2Having a full woodshed, makes me feel…ready.  The ‘herd’ would probably feel really ready, if the barn was a tad fuller of hay…but one thing at a time.fallpicm1Bob and Agnes have no problem letting us know, when they are hungry.  If they are out of hay, Agnes simply comes and finds me as if to say…”Excuse me…” and waits until you head off the barn to pull out more hay.fallpicm3Cows are sloppy eaters and little Peppa can only clean up after them so much…  We’re on the look out for a cattle hay feeder for winter, as the hay costs too much to waste any.  Peppa is completely content to live life as a ‘cow’.  She is out weighed by them all, but they will step aside for her to eat at every meal.

Fall…a time for getting ready…slowing down…beautiful colors and every animal on the farm happy to see you coming…as long as you are coming to feed them…the weather is cool, but not cold and I love it!


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  1. Miriam says:

    Wish I could say we are experiencing fall down here…. but sadly not yet. It’s going to be 84 degrees today. Love seeing Peppa chilling with the cows.

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