Driving In Hay

July 7, 2017

I was driving in hay the other night.  Seriously, imagine me (born suburban girl) driving a truck and trailer through the edge of a hay-field.  The object was to drive slowly, stay out of the plethora of ditches, do not run into any fences or dogs and try not to actually drive over any of the cut hay.

Yes, I could do that…

My Loving Spouse and I were helping Our Neighbor The Fire Captain, who has a mid-sized hay operation.  Mid-sized means that he has all the fancy equipment to get the hay down and baled, but not the fancy equipment to get it picked up.  He does the picking up with hay hooks and muscle.  I drove through the back swath (back swath – fancy farm term for the perimeter of the hay-field, where the hay is first cut and baled and picked up, thereby allowing the tractor and baler to turn at the end of each row).  We were going to buy this hay for our herd, so by helping him load it onto our trailer, he could start work the next day baling the rest of his field.

I drove.   The Fire Captain walked along the trailer, hauling the bales up to My Loving Spouse who stacked them.

I could not hear the guys for any instructions and I couldn’t always see the bales behind me.  Frankly, I gave up trying to hear them and just idled through the field.  I figured, that if I was not going the right speed, one of them would eventually tell me.

Fresh cut hay smells so sweet.  It was a beautiful evening to be driving in hay, getting it all picked up.

I know I am living in the right place for me, because I loved every minute of it!

2 responses to “Driving In Hay”

  1. David Gifford says:

    Seems to me that heaven may be highly personalized and you and your Loving Spouse may have arrived a tad early in yours.

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