The dreaded ‘D’ word….Diet

February 4, 2014

There are few words I want to ever utter out loud and ‘I am on a diet’ is high on my list.  It is not that I haven’t spent years trying to lose weight or being conscious of weight….but I seldom wanted to say the words ‘out loud’, because they in themselves seemed recipe for disaster as ‘goals’ were seldom met, and if you say it, then I imagined all the critical people of the world are expecting it.  It being the miraculous new me (complete with ‘ta da’ and plenty of sarcasm).

pinterestsayingThank you to the mastermind who put this snippet together..

So truly where did ‘it’ start.  My dear mother worried about my skinny brother John’s weight, and gave him milk with all the fat.  She also worried that I was ahhhh…’not skinny’….and gave me ‘non-fat milk’.  I know she meant well, John was a skinny kid and now he is a skinny man…. and yet…when I truly look back I am surprised to see that I was just a kid and my size was pretty ‘normal’ and not really fat at all.

(Circa 1964…that’s me…in the braids…)


Fast forward 50 years…last summer, I finally became content with my weight.  I do not know how it happened…but I did.  No more diets, no more inner turmoil and it was nice for about 5 months…then there was the night I went to bed, my knees hurt from building….etc…I couldn’t sleep and I thought, I want to get healthy.  I want to be here to really enjoy our grandchildren…and decided that I would lose weight…for a different reason than ever before.

…and so we did it.  My Loving Spouse and I are on a diet.  The Dukan diet to be exact.  We’ve watched my cousin loose 46 pounds and adjust her life, we read a bit, and we got started, thankfully we are doing it together!  I am adding a ‘page’ to the blog for the diet, because reading about others journeys always helps my own.  I will try to keep it updated, with our progress, recipes and blunders, as there are bound to be those, should you care to follow, but I do not want to turn this blog into a ‘diet blog’…so there you go, I’m sure to be talking about cows again soon.

One key is that we are to walk 30 minutes a day, well that makes sense.  Yesterday I planned to walk home from work, a 3 mile jaunt.  No problem…until it started to snow.  My friend told me to walk around the Mall (Fred Meyer’s), so I tried that and there were three problems with it.

1.  I felt like a fool

2.  I was walking by a lot of nice looking food

3.  Walking quickly and trying to look at the items on the aisles made me dizzy

So???? Is it working?  Are we making progress?

Well, we’ve found the sweet spot in the bathroom floor, that spot where the scale registers the lowest weight and we are not moving it!  Just a tad over 3 weeks and My Loving Spouse has lost 20.8 pounds and I have lost 10.2….so here it is in black and white…and it feels good.


  • Don

    Good job you two…your heart will love you for the effort…dg

  • Diane Brown

    Congratulations on your success! Keep it up, that grandchild will be here before you know it!

    • Ellen

      True and we cannot wait!!

  • Billy Boy

    Well done! I’m impressed and look forward to following the progress. My attempts always start with the thought “I think I’ll start on the diet tomorrow”……………

    • Ellen

      Thanks Bill, we appreciate the support!

  • Miriam

    Congrats to both of you! And what a cutie you were as a little girl! Although I can see a lot of mischief in that face.

    • Ellen

      Thanks Miriam, however, I was a very good little girl…the mischievousness was developed later.

  • Heather Flatley

    Good job you two!

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