Dispatch Day

January 12, 2015

Tomorrow is the ultimate farming day and I plan to be absolutely no where around.  (Team Offspring has the same plan).  My Loving Spouse (the original British born country boy) will be here to deal with ‘it’, while every city born inhabitant flees for the day.  The Dispatch Truck is coming.  The real truth is that the truck has a different name, but I renamed it because it was sort of gruesome.  Tomorrow the pigs, Winnie & Maggie and the cow Elsie will do their job, which is to provide food for the family.

Now all of you can say….WHAT!!!

The pigs were pretty cute when we got them.pigpc3…and they did make us laugh…well, not Number Two Son.  He kept his distance from them as much as possible, because he likes bacon…loves bacon and made a point of not getting too attached to them.  Lately, though the pigs have gotten very, very ugly…almost everyday they were bigger and uglier…which is great!  It has become very easy to not be attached to them at all…and smelly…they are big smelly pigs.pigspc1Elsie on the other hand is a bit harder…but this cow has had a much better life on her three legs than she could have found anywhere…and now it is ‘time’.  She is not a happy cow…the weather is hard for her, and she has done as well as she was ever going to do.

Go ahead and say ‘it’… ‘it’…

“How can you do that?”

Our Friend the Farmer was betting that we’d end up with the oldest pigs in the valley, but we got the pigs to feed the family.  In fact the older kids Christmas presents were an IOU for 1/4 a pig…and they were very excited.  This was ‘the plan’…all along and now ‘the plan’ is going into action.elsieThis is living ‘authentically’…  I know and I have heard people say…’Oh, I could never do that’…and I didn’t know that I could, but in truth this is ‘real life’…I’m just not quite ready to be home when it happens.


10 responses to “Dispatch Day”

  1. F squared says:

    E said yum ham! Mama said yum steak and bacon

  2. Robert "1 of the Sea. cousins" says:

    Hi Cus,
    Such is the circle of life.

  3. Diane Emmons Dunton Brown says:

    God gave us the animals for food, right? Sorry I will miss seeing the smelly ugly pigs but I do remember the best ham, bacon, pork chops I have ever tasted were at the Walton table!

  4. John says:

    All those packages wrapped in white paper (if they still use it) in the freezer make it all worthwhile.

  5. Dianne says:

    Elsie too? That’s hard. She’s so cute! That’s why I get my food the humane way … I buy it at the grocery store. Sigh. Here’s to bountiful blessings.

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