Croquet Season

June 10, 2013

2013-06-07 19.33.06The big day came here to Glory Farm…the official Opening Day to the Croquet Season.  The previous owners left us a croquet set, and with the large lawn, late setting sun, and kids that like to play, let me tell you, we used it a lot last summer, so much so that we planned an official Croquet season.  Well, the word ‘planned’ may be a bit of an overstatement.  We did ‘plan’ on the season, we just mostly left out the details.  The scoring evolved as the Opening Game was played.  The rules may not be exactly like the Official Croquet Rules in any other part of the country, but they are our rules and we’re sticking to them.

The Official Opening ceremony, complete with a performance by Number Two Son on his newest instrument, at the insistence of Number One Son and Number One Wife (previously known as The Bride, but one cannot be a ‘bride’ all their life…unless they live in Hollywood).

2013-06-07 18.49.13

The first ‘official’ picture chosen, not because it was good, but because this was one of the few pictures where the boys were not pretending to pick each other’s noses with their croquet mallets.

2013-06-07 18.52.11

The straw hats were a classy touch by the elder generation and since we are also the score keepers, we quickly decided that there would be points given for wearing a straw hat.   The point system took some significant thought, with points for obtaining poison, points for placing, points for wearing a straw hat, minus points if one wins by wimpy play.  Games played and the season ‘Mulligan’ must also be accounted for, as the Season Mulligan has already been used up by Number One, Two and Four Sons.

We do have a mascot, Pooh the Croquet Cat.  The Grand Dogs do not get to be out during Season Play, as they will carry off the balls.


Like any family playing a game there are those moments of angst, anger, irritation, ‘why did you hit my ball’, small victories, large victories and a collective celebration by the offspring whenever the Parental Units do not win….sheesh!

On day two of the season, there was a mad scramble for straw hats.  My Loving Spouse shared his straw hat collection, but even it only went so far.  Since the Straw Hat point was a fairly new addition, no one was really prepared.  To be fair, we gave a point to anyone wearing a hat other than ball caps.  Is it any wonder Number One Son and Number One Wife are such a good match?  They clearly got points for keeping their heads covered and I’m sure the Horse Fly Mask Croquet Hat will go down in history.

Team Offspring..

2013-06-08 13.49.59

(Number Two Son, Number One Wife, Number Four Son, Number One Son, Number Three Son)

Croquet Season will last the summer, so if you’re coming to Glory Farm…. you’d better pack a straw hat.  The season will end…with careful planning…as did the opening….the current leader on the official spiral notebook (sorry Team Offspring) it is My Loving Spouse.

2013-06-07 19.15.00

  • Beau E.

    To the chagrin of all here at HopeSource, Pat has maintained this posture ever since. You’d think his arms would get tired, but he gets a lot of high-fives out of it.

    • Ellen

      Well, Beau,
      I think Team Offspring have plans to bring him down…

  • Diane Brown

    Guess I better brush up on my mallet skills…I have a straw hat. Well, actually it is a seagrass hat. Does that count?

    • Ellen

      Seagrass? Pack it!

  • Love it. Tell the boys that the Farm Supply store has mulligans in stock. 😉

    • Ellen

      Cash or credit?

  • Miriam

    Hooray for the opening of croquet season!!! I am looking for a straw hat as we speak…..

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