Craft Busy-ness

December 6, 2015

We’ve spent the last many weeks being busier than normal, although I am honestly not sure what normal is any more.  We’d committed to 2 craft/home spun/bazaar type activities.  It was a welcome change for us both to just be creative for a while.  We moved My Loving Spouse’s scroll saw into the pantry so he could get more done.craft patI was sewing up a storm, pursuing ideas on Pinterest and jumping from one idea to another.  Snowmen became a fairly constant theme.craft screenAlmost every part of the house was affected in some way by the creative mess.craft snowman  It had been awhile since we’d actually used the table to eat a meal.craft snowman workerI was grateful we’d moved the scroll saw into the relatively warm pantry as I gave it a go re-purposing some out of date texts into more snowmen.  craft snowman bookThere was a debate whether the chalkboard snowmen needed red scarfs or not….craft chalkboard snowmanThe Library window at school was the recipient of Snowmen Books.craft snowman book library There was a small break to play in the snow with this little man.craft snow…and we have just finished up…and we are tired.  I am too tired to tell you how great it was to bring so many people through our home and share the space with other creative souls.  Too tired to make sense with wonderful pictures of the tool caddy’s, Christmas quilts and table runners and all those items that were a big hit and which were sort of a big flop.  Too tired to really even write a decent blog post to show you what we’ve done…

It was absolutely worth it!  Am I going to worry or have a plan for that which did not sell?  Well, I thought about it…but, I think for now, we are going to celebrate Advent.

Advent…that season of waiting…

Grateful for what we have done and grateful to now slow down…

Merry Christmas!


2 responses to “Craft Busy-ness”

  1. Miriam says:

    I’d vote for red scarves on the chalkboard snowmen. And what a great idea to make snowmen out of books! The school window looked very festive. Now…. breathe….. It involves inhaling and exhaling at a slow. regular. pace. 🙂

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Thanks Mims, I am so committed to now slowing down… Went to the library…got books… will decorate at a slow pace… I might even clean the house! The snowmen did all get red scarfs, and I LOVE them! I do hope you are well and can tell by your calendar that you too…have been busy being creative!

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