Cow Disorder

February 12, 2015

My mother used to say of us, “We (She and I) did not get the nursing gene.”  True, true words….  Sure, I can slap on a bandage, hand out Tylenol and saltine crackers.  I know when cuts need stitches.  I am great at driving others to the emergency room and then look away during any and all treatment.  During my mother’s last stay in the hospital, her lungs had to be suctioned often.  All they had to do was turn the suction machine on, and I’d soon be retching and running from the room.  The nursing staff soon learned to warn me and invited me to leave the room prior to her daily procedure.

All this to say…I don’t really like nursing…I never thought about being a doctor…I don’t really like gross stuff.


The other night at diner, I was asking Our Friend the Farmer how his calving was going.  He was telling us that he’d had a cow with a uterine prolapse.  In other words, she pushed her calf out and then kept pushing…until she’d pushed her uterus out as well.  He was explained how hard it was to push it back into her…they’d sort of washed ‘it’ off and pushed and pushed the uterus in all the while the poor old cow was still trying to push it back out.  Our Friend the Farmer said it was ‘not very nice’.  It was hard work and took a couple of hours…and all I could think of was….

I wish I could have been there to help…cowpc1
My Loving Spouse says I have O.C.D. – Obsessive Cow Disorder

…I don’t know…

I guess he might be right.

  • Julie

    Ellen, I am with you. I love being involved with Tim’s cows 🙂 Prolapsed uterus….fascinating, but very ugly. I worked with a vet for 2 years and my favorite was when we got to do an autopsy!

    • Okay Julie…
      You win. I think I might be able to pass on the autopsy!
      Have a great day!

  • The Loving Spouse

    Ok now I do have to comment,
    My Lovely Wife has a deffinate case of OCD she came home one day in the fall complaining that she had not been able to participate in “pregnancy testing” out neighbor’s cows, she had arrived just as the vet was finishing up. Now for all her readers who have not seen Dr. Pol in action or read James Herriet they don’t use ultrasound, they reach in and feel the embryo. The vet had told her that she could have tried it is she had turned up earlier, her cow is bred (pregnant) and I think keeps a wary eye out, suffice it to say she seldom turns her back on her

    • hahahaaaaa…I’d still like to try it…kind of fascinating!

  • David

    Ellen, anybody who actually wishes to have been there to “help” is delusional unless you actually wanted to get involved in the pushing. My experiences with ALL types of obstetrics, by which I mean of course human style, left me with no desire to stay involved. Sixty deliveries was more than enough for several lifetimes!

    • But still kind of amazing that it can be done…but her back together….

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