Chick, Chick!

March 16, 2017

Cheep, cheep!

I say, “Chick Chick” to a class and the class says, “Cheep,cheep!” back, because we hatched!

6 little chicks hatched in our incubator and thanks to the live feed, we didn’t miss a beat!  To say that there was some excitement at our school, would possibly be the understatement of the year.  We prepared a brooder in the tri-corner window of the library.Then let them out!We needed to build a wall to keep them in the small end of the window, so…being a library, we just use books!4 golden chicks named Stuart, after our school, Mt. Stuart Elementary.

2 dark chicks named Dan, after our wonderful principal Dan Patton.  They were briefly going to be called ‘General’ for Mr. Patton’s cousin, but then we realized…General Chicken…is a Chinese dinner, so that would not be good!Next week is spring break, so all the Stuarts and the Dans will come to live at the farm, but for a few more days the library windows will stay smeared beyond belief with even more finger prints…and the kids, they…are delighted.

Carrying their lunch trays down the hall, we heard more than one child say,

“Hide your lunch, we don’t want to scare the chicks.”  (The menu…chicken legs!)

We are blessed!

2 responses to “Chick, Chick!”

  1. Miriam says:

    Hooray!!!! Happy Birthday to all the chicks! What a wonderful experience you have provided for all your kids at Mt. Stuart! I think this even tops the field trip to “Mary Poppins”!

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