A Chance Meeting?

June 29, 2014

With My Loving Spouse on the mend from his total knee replacement, I am currently wearing many hats.  On a recent trip into town, I debated about taking a 15 minute break from all my jobs, sitting with a latte and my book for a few moments.  I honestly couldn’t decide, if I should go or not, then made a wrong turn on the way to Starbucks, stopped and said to myself…15 minutes, it’ll do you good.  I had no idea how much!

I was all settled in with my book and my latte.  It was nice.

“Oh, hi!” said John Jr. and his wife, the eldest son of the previous owners of Glory Farm.  We’ve had lots of interactions with John Jr. and I even worked with his wife at one of the elementary schools.  We like them a lot and always enjoy visiting with them.  We got ‘caught up’ and then John Jr. said,

“My parents are here would you like to meet them?”  His parents poured years of hard work into this place, the house had no electricity upstairs and linoleum covered many a surface.  Leaving Black Knight Ranch (Glory Farm) was hard for them, and we knew that they had not been in the best health recently.

“I would love to!”

I then met two smiling, slightly frail people, who invited me to sit down as we started chatting about the home we both love, its dirt, its flowers, the barns, our animals and where we’d each put our vegetable gardens.  The conversation was lively…  I started to say that I didn’t feel as if we ‘owned’ the place, just that we were the current ‘care takers’, whereby this small frail woman waved her hand and said,

“Pshaw, it is yours.  You own it”, which was a sweet blessing to me.  She has never wanted to come back and see the inside of the house, for which I truly understand when you love something and then must move on… but she blessed me even more by saying, “I’ve never wanted to go back into the house, but now that I’ve met you, I might”.


  • Liz Avila

    That’s so cool Ellen!

  • Diane Brown

    I just love “God moments”. What a wonderful break!

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