June 29, 2017

We celebrated My Loving Spouse’s birthday in a big way!

First, let me back up.  A few years ago we gave Team Offspring an IOU to go Tubing on the snow.  Then one of them broke their wrist, then there was no snow, then another of them broke their arm, then there was so much snow we were sick of it and nobody could ever get the same day off!

Yesterday, we did it!  We rewrote our IOU’s, everyone managed to get the day off and we took off to Lake Chelan for a day on the water jet skiing!  The sky was blue, the lake was warm and the hills were filled with rows of orchards and vineyards.  It is gorgeous!

We rented two large jet ski’s and the 4 of us jumped (climbed, cautiously slipped, nervously mounted) our floating motor craft.  With the Y Chromosome members at the helm, we sped out onto the water, with some of us saying things like “Slow Down!”

I finally took my turn to drive.  My Loving Spouse, knowing I’d never been on a ski before offered vital words of instruction.  The actual quote was,

“Goose IT, Mother!”

We all did get good at zipping around the absolutely beautiful lake.  The day was filled with laughter.  I did manage to ‘catch some air’ and when our Jet Ski capsized, well, all I can say is, that I was not the one who was driving.

We capped it off with a quick wine tasting at Hard Row to Hoe Vineyard….how they got their name is another story.

…and we are certainly blessed.

  • Diane

    Sounds like a fun way to celebrate. Glad there was wine tasting to top it off. Happy (belated) Birthday to your Loving Spouse!

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