Pack A Quilter

March 27, 2017

My Loving Spouse and I figured out a vital truth on our trip to Cannon Beach last week.  Travel is better, if you pack a quilter.  Seriously, my need for fabric took us to places we would have never gone to otherwise.

I will be making a quilt for one of our graduating seniors this year and she likes purple.  I therefore need purple fabric.  Our fabric resources are low in Ellensburg.  Luckily, I have a patient husband, who is happy to drive to fabric stores.

‘Want to take a drive up the coast?’  

“Can we go to the quilt store?”

‘Of course!’

Going to quilt stores gets us off the beaten path and into the heart of the town.  Our first stop was Homespun Quilts in Astoria, Oregon.I found my first set of purples……and we asked where we should have lunch.

The Wet Dog…we were told.It was charming and I did have the Ale sample platter and yes, that is the Bad Ass Stout bratwurst you see…It was very yummy.  I had a Shandy, which is a beer with some soda, in other words, it is like a beer with training wheels.  My Loving Spouse had something darker, long past the training wheel stage.Quite possibly the Poop Deck Port…We had a great time and I recommend both the quilt store and the Wet Dog.

The next day, he wanted to drive down the coast.

“Can we go to the quilt store?”

‘Of course!’

Which is how we found ourselves at Jane’s in Tillamook, Ore.Jane’s took some time, because it was a little house transformed into a quilt store.  Fabric in every room!  (Even the bathroom!)  Oh, be still my heart!  I set My Loving Spouse in the back room, chatting with a couple of old gals and instructions to get lunch recommendations, while I adjusted the budget for fabric purchases, careful to only buy what I needed!

This picture is not all I needed…it is just some of what I bought.With the ‘old gals’ recommendation we set off for our lunch.  We would never have wandered down the pier without explicit instructions we received to turn left at the huge pile of oyster shells, we did find The Fish Peddler.  My Loving Spouse had the best clam chowder he ever ate and we both watched enthralled at the process of oyster harvesting.It was something!  Watching the shuckers get the oyster meat, they were fast and efficient.  They work on commission and as we tried to count how many oysters they shucked in a minute, we figure they shuck thousands in a day!  Makes my hands hurt just thinking about it.We left after a great time, with full bellies, a jar of oysters….and some fabric.

The morning we were leaving Cannon Beach, My Loving Spouse agreed to let me into one more quilt store, because I knew I still needed some more purple…We were packed up and ready to go…except the store wasn’t open yet.  This was a great stroke of luck, because instead of high tailing it out of town, we went where we hadn’t been yet, The Insomnia Coffee Co.It was delightful!They had art I understand….It was a delightful way to slowly spend our morning before heading for the farm.

The gal at the fabric store was equally lovely and what can I say….We cannot wait to go back…

You should travel with a quilter, if you need one, let me know.


It is easy to know, if someone has been to Cannon Beach.  You say, “Cannon Beach”, and if they’ve been there, their eyes glaze over, they smile and quite probably they sigh.

My Loving Spouse and I were due a get-away.  A get-away together, when neither of us were working, and we were somewhere we wanted to be, not somewhere we had to go.  The sea had been calling My Loving Spouse for sometime now, and with the winter we had, we were ready!

Washington and Oregon have lots of seaside towns.  There were plenty to choose from, however we are fairly poor trip planners, usually ending up in places that are a ‘near miss’.  This time I got smart.  My Loving Spouse started to name off city’s on the coast.

“There are plenty of places we can go,” he said.


“We could just drive down the coast.”

‘Nope.  We’re going where The Traveling Cousins go.’


‘They travel a lot and they love it at Cannon Beach.  That’s were I want to go.  They like Cannon Beach better than Hawaii!’

This is how we ended up with the best long weekend in a very, very long time.  We stayed at The Waves, and luckily for us, My Traveling Cousin called the hotel to double-check, that I hadn’t messed up the reservation and booked us into a non seaside room (which I had).  She got that straightened out and we were singing her praises for most of our trip, especially as we sat looking just outside our hotel room window!

Cannon Beach is just big enough to have a mixture of art galleries, coffee shops, gift shops, household stores, toy stores and kite stores… enough to enjoy a simple walk around… Plenty of places to poke around without driving anywhere…  Someone liked the kite store best, I loved watching him breaking in the kite he bought to fly with THE Grandson.We walked on the beach, reminiscent of our second date (except I did not step in tar this time, and My Loving Spouse didn’t forget to put the money in the parking meter).

We gazed at the sea and those who enjoyed it, we walked, we played cards, we enjoyed being together and being gone.  The ‘gone’ part was especially unique, as there was a ‘plumbing issue’ back at the farm and Number Two Son and Our Neighbor had to turn off the water to the house, until the Plumbing Pro showed up.  Team Offspring survived our latest plumbing issue and for the first time during one of them, My Loving Spouse and I still had HOT WATER!  (Sorry, Team Offspring, you did a great job).We are already looking forward to coming back.  It was the right fit for us, relaxing, refreshing and renewing…  I highly recommend it, go soon or go wherever your cousin goes…it worked for us!


When in Walla Walla

July 13, 2016

walla dogI really like My Loving Spouse.  His driving job takes him away from home a tad more than we like, but we are determined to make the best of it.  Summer is here and I am out of school (small happy dance).  I cannot join the bus he is driving, but if they stay in one place long enough, I can join them when they stop.  Driving the Yakima Pippins Baseball team to their away games, put My Loving Spouse in Walla Walla, Washington and I was ready for a mini-break.

I arrived in the afternoon so we had a few hours to explore.  We walked down Main Street with a plethora of wine tasting rooms at our disposal.  Being the mature folks we are, the first shop we entered was…Inland Octopus!walla toy storeIt is hard to walk past a great toy store!  We snagged a few things for THE Grandson’s birthday.  We might have even played with a few wind up toys.  If you are in WW, you need to come in here, quality toys and free gift wrapping.walla toy store (1)With the important things out-of-the-way, we did enter a tasting room.  Henry Earl had the ugliest furniture I have ever seen, but the staff was delightful and the wine…was sort of yummy.  I was the only one tasting wine as My Loving Spouse would be driving shortly, but half of wine tasting is chatting and he excels at chatting.  We got great advice about other things to see and do while in WW.  So when you are traveling it is a good thing to drink wine.walla wineKlickers is a one of a kind antique, fruit stand, ice cream, meat and cheese counter family owned business.  Antiques tucked into every corner and cubby, worn floors a front door that slams shut with a welcoming thud.  I was too enthralled to take many pictures.  If you are in WW, you should stop by just for fun and enjoy a store that could never be a chain…walla klickersWe were then off to the ball game!  The Pippins were playing the Walla Walla Sweets!  Talented baseball in a fun atmosphere.  An electronic score board, but an old hand changed scoreboard as well, with the face of the score changer seen through the last empty slot in the board.walla pippensTo say nothing of the WW Sweets mascot…walla sweetsToward the end of the game, small children were seen with large trash bags.  They were roaming the stands for trash and helping to clean up.  I could not quite figure out what was going on until I saw the same children coming back without their trash bags, but with large Otter Pops.  The power of the Otter Pop!  What a great, simple and effective method of assisting in clean up.

WW’s farmer’s market was an absolute delight.  walla farmerWhat I enjoy most about Farmer’s markets is originality and real farmers.  This one offered both!walla ironThe iron worker complete with anvil was fun to watch…walla iron makerFlowers…walla farm flowers…and of course Walla Walla Sweet Onions!walla sweetAfter that, My Loving Spouse was back to work and I was set to drive back home.  I just had one more stop to make…promising to only buy what I ‘needed’.walla quiltAmazing how much relaxing can be found in a 24 hour get away…but I believe we did it!walla me…and I am blessed.


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