June 5, 2017

It takes a LOT of imagination to tackle restoring an old house.  

We must ‘imagine’ that we will finish someday.

We must ‘imagine’ how it should/could be.  We must ‘imagine’, that we can do it….get it done.

The upstairs bath is coming along….we are almost there!  It is such a treat to our eyes.  We can ‘imagine’ it done.After all, all we need is the glass door, the floor sanded and painted, the window painted, the lights installed, the fan installed, the heater installed, the bead board finished and the medicine cabinets built….that’s all, from where we started…we’re pretty happy with how our imagination works.  Feel free to use your imagination and you’ll see it done.

The Buck-a-roo room is ready for Number One’s Family.Luckily for me, I have a Sweet Girlfriend who like to paint.  She came and helped me put fresh paint on the walls.  Two walls accented with gray the rest a lovely fresh white.  You just need to ‘imagine’ the new red curtains are hanging up as well.  We only had time for one window treatment and as you can see, we opted to install the new room darkening shades so that THE Grandkids nap’s would go well.  A folding cot is set up for THE Grandson, in what is supposed to be the closet….sort of cozy, wouldn’t you say?  Walk-in closet to be or cozy toddler room now?Complete and ready for our little book-worm boy….or perhaps he is a book-cow boy.We are still a few (or a lot) of Advil bottles away from completing all the restoration we imagine here.

However, from our earliest imagination, we hoped to fill and enjoy this farm with our family…and we are indeed blessed.


Furniture Fix

February 25, 2017

I’m back!  I wondered where I had gone.  I was even a little bit worried, that I might not find me, but I did.  It turns out that painting our home, 18 months ago took a toll.  I have had little desire to work on the house, paint or fix up almost anything, which was a problem as we haven’t finished the restoration here.

However, I am back!  I am so relieved.  When My Loving Spouse gave me the nod, to change out our furniture last week, it was as if, my ‘restoration’ switch was flipped back on.  I found my mojo in my quest to banish the over abundance of brown furniture.  After the streets had thawed, I ran right out to visit my friend Sherwin Williams and painted our bedroom that very night.  It is My Loving Spouse’s favorite color.  It is called, “My wife is happy with it and I did not have to paint it” or you might call it light gray.  Sherwin Williams calls it ‘Granite’.  I call it perfect, especially with my new white dresser.I didn’t stop there.  My Librarian had given me a ‘project’ dresser she never got around to fixing.  It was the perfect size for my ironing table for quilting and it holds my flannel scraps.  It is brown.  It needed some work…Since I had a fresh paintbrush and a can of gray paint, I painted it.I also learned that you can modge podge fabric on to furniture.  I learned the hard way, that when using light fabric, one might want to paint the furniture first as the brown tones do show through the fabric, but for now, I am just filing that into my information bin.  The dresser is so much better than before, it just makes me happy.Most of my life, I have needed to ‘make do’ with what furniture I had.  I was pretty good at ‘making do’ and making those things better.  Being able to buy a few new pieces, and making our beautiful old farm-house with it’s odd shaped rooms, finally feel right makes me…settled, happy, excited, content and very blessed.

I still have half a jar of modge podge….I wonder what I should do with it?


Unfold The Map

September 2, 2016

There are certain times in one’s life, where quitting is just not an option.  When the garden hose attached with the sewer unplugger is stuck in the waste pipe one is trying to unstick…yes, that would be just one of those times.  My Loving Spouse crawls under the house.  My instructions are to jam the hose up and down so he can hear where it is stuck.  Basic plumbing at its finest.septic patOh, yes, we are a formidable team.  He learns a lot while he is down ‘there’, mostly that he’ll never be the one replacing the main sewer line and we add that to the list called, “When our ship comes in”.

Luckily for us, we who do not quit, we do get the hose out.  Bad news is that the line is still plugged.  We develop a new plan of attack, called ‘go at it from the other end’.  This means digging up the Clean Out lid.  One would think this would be easy, because

1. We’ve done it before.

2.  We have a map.

We measure and dig a bit and learn a valuable life lesson…maps work best when completely unfolded…PicMonkey CollageWe do find THE lid.  We open it up.  We decide to completely go British at this time…have a cup of tea or (jam, biscuits and coffee.)spetic jamThe only ones sort of excited that we had to dig up the septic clean out hole seems to be the chickens.spectic chxWe reorganize and rent some serious plumbing equipment.  This takes multiple available ‘hands’ or  feet as it were as Number Two’s job seems to be to step on the control that runs the line.  My Loving Spouse handles the line that digs in the pipe.  I mostly stand back and say stuff like, ‘Well done!’  Grateful to not be hanging on to anything that has been inside our pipes.PicMonkey Collage (1)At this time someone drives into our yard to ask if we are selling hay.  Now, nothing says, ‘We’ve got hay for sale’ like having one’s back-end sticking out of your septic clean out trap.  There were a lot of items this person could have asked if we did, but selling hay was not actually on the list.

The hay buyer is redirected.

The rental sewer unsticker is returned after having done the job.

We’re back in love with our wonderful old house.  The pipes are running freely.  We’ve all showered and smell good, instead of all just smell.

Life is good and we are blessed.


The Half (Done) Attic Bathroom got a huge boost this week!  Dear John, Dear John’s Wife and Turk the City Dog spent a week here ‘camping’ in their Scamp trailer.  This is our family.  Dear John, I call my brother.  My parents gave me a brother John and when Number One Son married Number One Wife, they gave me another John.  They are both great wood workers, one big difference is that Dear John likes to visit us and….bathroom door john 2

…he likes to do ‘little projects’ when he comes, so we do our best to keep him happy.  Under Dear John’s hands, the attic bathroom has made significant progress.   bathroom john doorsHaving doors instead of gaping holes, makes the bathroom look like a real room!  We’re elated with the linen closet and the new door matches exactly that of two others in the house.bathroom door linenComplete with cedar shelves…bathroom linen cedarThe secret bookcase is a work of art!bathroom secret doorPerfect for storing suitcases or Christmas boxes…certainly to be the best future hiding place for Glory Farm Hide and Seek games!  My Loving Spouse gets the credit for this great idea.  Dear John’s cabinetry skills made the idea come to fruition and we are delighted.

Friends that become family…accepting us as we are…

who share in the process of restoring this wonderful old home and add to our story…

Well, we are certainly blessed.



Hot & Cold

December 22, 2015

A Christmas treat came early for Number Two Son this year!  We returned to work on the ‘half’ (done) bath in the attic.  Our goal…hot and cold running water!  Woo hoo!  After 4 trips to the hardware store…bath time hardware store(Note to Southern California…the snow on the wreath?  Yes, it is real.)

As the school-house sink stands out from the wall a bit, My Loving Spouse was not quite sure how he was going to get the plumbing attached to the faucets.bath sink faucetsHe did have a plumbing brainstorm and used 4 sets of braided plumbing line to reach from the faucets out the back wall.  Yep, he is handier than pockets!

When Number Two Son found out what we were doing, he quickly offered to help.  The prospect of brushing his teeth upstairs was tantalizing…to say nothing of a bath!  Number Two is just like his namesake, Papa Joe Fisher who loved to read in the tub.  Number Two was soon learning some plumbing skills installing the drain works.bath time plumberMy jobs remained the usual…’Step and Fetch It’.  We still need another trip to the hardware store, but for now there is both hot and cold running water!bath faucetsNumber Two can brush his teeth and as long as he doesn’t splash (since we do not have the tile up), he can even have a bath!  I am focusing on what is done and doesn’t it look fabulous!  Love that sink and those faucets!!!  Love My Loving Spouse who was willing to deal with ‘that bloody heavy sink and those expensive faucets’ believing in my vision for this bathroom!

Number Two Son quickly enjoyed the first bath upstairs…he had everything he needed!bath faucets2Hot and cold running water, no splashing, a bath mat, bath bubbles, and a cordless drill…?

Yes, we are blessed.


Our Yellow Farm House

September 2, 2015

Today the sky was blue, the clouds puffy and high and the weather was just delightful.  As I washed the white rail fence, I thought…it is time to share our home.  It is like me.  In other words it is ‘perfectly imperfect’, as some railings are still needing to be installed.  It is however, a beautiful transformation.  The results are what I thought they could be, and yet, I am still in awe of what hard work can do.yellow farm house  From where we began…our ‘before’…yellow before white houseIt is the result of many hours of work…doing something that I did not know I could do…yellow up on the roofHelped by friends when I needed them most…yellow friendAs they embraced the change with excitement and enthusiasm…yellow friendsFrom high and low……and a lot of time on ladders…yellow roof top painterWe had a vision, but still are stunned at the result. We actually changed very little…White trim stayed white…black windows stayed black…a small black ‘eye brow’ was added to each window….yellow farm house bay window…and then we added yellow.yellow farm home  ‘Butter Up’…a historical yellow…gives the innate beauty of this home a proper stage to show it off.yellow farm house kitchen porch…I cannot believe we did it…yellow doors…and we are blessed.


This Is It!

This is it!  This is the day, the last weekend in August and I was sure yesterday that I would finally be able to do our big ‘reveal’.  I’d be showing you this old house all painted and pretty…all done!  Not more cat pictures…Not more cow pictures…although the little girls are growing so well and […]

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Prime Team X

I imagine you dear readers might be tired of hearing about our painting the house, and all I can say is…so am I.  It could be a bit like hearing about someone running a marathon and they are telling you about each sweat drop and ankle strain…except…something really cool happened.  The X Team arrived.  Seriously!These sweet […]

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The Brown and White House

I am calling ‘it’! Done! The paint prep-unpainting-scraping-the-house-to-eternity-and-back is over.  I am calling ‘it’!  Like calling a game when one team has clearly beaten another team or when it is too dark to play anymore or when you’ve been doing it for 5 weeks and you cannot scrape another paint chip.  The prep is officially […]

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Reclaimed Coffee Table

‘Reclaimed’, what a great word.  I love how we humans use words to make things appear ‘better’ or more ‘desirable’.  As in, ‘used’ cars = not so good, ‘pre-owned’ car, a much classier choice.  ‘Reclaimed’ means it was junk, but I like it so I am ‘reclaiming’ it and calling it good or even great. […]

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When My Loving Spouse gets home from work he usually says, “Hi Sweetie, I’m home!” Except for the ‘other’ nights, then he says…. “What in the world are you doing?” Such was the other evening… I had the shop vacuum out and was vacuuming the lawn…and the flower beds. The ‘Unpainting‘ of the house has […]

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The Great Paint Prep

When we bought the house 3 years ago, it needed to be painted. Now, it really needs to be painted and the great prep has begun!  Tackling the easy to reach behind the house let’s get this job started, Number Two Son and I were a very effective team.  The dogs were delighted to have […]

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