Painting A Cow

September 29, 2017

The hardest part of painting a cow, is getting her to stand still.  The paint, of course, can be purchased at Amazon.  No, I am not painting Agnes.  She is perfect just the way she is, just a perfect black cow.  (Well, she’d be a tiny bit more perfect if she were ‘in the family way’, but we are working on that.)

There is a trend lately, to join together sip wine and paint on canvas.  We might live in the country, but these opportunities come to us as well.  The art we paint, just has a bit more meaning to us, than say a rendering of Monet’s ‘Water Lillies’.  We joined together to paint cows.  (Oh, be still my heart).

A night out with My Loving Spouse to do something fun and different.  It was just what we needed.  We showed up to the Blue Rock Saloon.  My Loving Spouse with sharpened pencil in hand.I had a different set of tools.

I had never painted on canvas, so I was both a tad nervous and quite excited.  We were given some simple instructions.One of us had been practicing their reality cow rendering.

Then it was time to add some paint.  I am sure you’ve noticed that there is a disproportionate number of black AND WHITE cows in all cow art.  Black cows do not receive the recognition that they deserve.  You can be sure, that my art would reflect my cow.
My Loving Spouse on the other hand was just having fun.

What fun it was too!  If you get the chance to join together with friends or people you don’t even know, who become your friend when they pass you the black paint, to enjoy a night out painting, I highly recommend it.  If you get to paint cows, well, as they say in Ellensburg, that is ‘even better‘!


Our Busy Season

December 10, 2016

The last 6-8 weeks have been our ‘busy season’.  This is what I tell myself.  It helps me to make sense of our reality, that while some of you on this second weekend in December, have Christmas trees and Christmas lights, we have pumpkins on the porch covered in snow.

We’ve been sewing and sawing and creating.Making clocks out of packer wheels, art from old windows, gift baskets from old fabric and nativities from old wood.Pillows, quilts and bunting…We had the second annual Homespun Holiday Bazaar here the Saturday after Thanksgiving.With the house filled with friends selling their creations, the day was a resounding success!  It is such a powerful affirmation, that people not only like what you’ve created, but that they purchase your creations.    My Loving Spouse and I were practically sold out.

We needed to get busy (again) to make our commitment to the Cave B winery, where we had agreed to be a vendor at their Holiday Bazaar.

So the sewing room, got messy…er, messier.   Our kitchen table got full…As we worked toward creating…and re-creating….Sewing more pillows, truck quilts and wine bags…

Our booth is hard to see…because of the glare…from the snow!It is always a good news, bad news situation with bazaar’s at wineries.  The good news is that the guests might drink a bit and buy a lot…or they might drink a bit and buy nothing, because they are busy buying wine, and really who can blame them, even when there is a really fabulous Christmas truck quilt, that they could be buying since they had admired it so.

The day was not actually what we’d hoped, or maybe we ‘over imagined’ our potential.  In other words, it was not heavy on sales, we are sort of ahead now for next year.  My Girl and I did have a fun day together and when you are at a winery, eventually someone gives you some wine, because…that is just what they do!

We are officially creatively pooped.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll do something about those pumpkins.


Dear BJ

November 28, 2016

Dear BJ,

Do you remember the wonderful quilting pattern book you sent me?  Oh, I am sure you do.  You probably don’t know, that I do not usually follow patterns or instructions or directions…but I just, love that book!  That gal with a Bee in her bonnet, sure is creative.dear-bj

I used that book a lot this summer.  When I was lonely and wanted/needed to sew, while My Loving Spouse gone.  It was wonderful.  That farm girl gave me some good ideas, especially when I did not have enough cowboy fabric to make a cowboy quilt, but I just needed to use it!dearbjIt gave me a place to jump off of and try something new and this quilt came out, well, if I do say so myself, pretty darn nice.dear-bjWe both know, that I have a thing for pumpkins, but that doesn’t mean I can sew one…or two.  The book was just the thing!dear-b-jI even leapt into a house quilt, because of the book.  Some of my houses were the wrong colors, so I took the ‘good’ ones and made a table runner with them, which is sort of cool.dear-bj-table-runnerSo, in closing, I just want to say, thank you again.  I love that book.  Even I can sometimes follow directions!

Thank you, for blessing me!


Betty Bibs Branches Out

February 17, 2016

Number Two Son’s simple words put everything in motion.

“Hey, Mom, I bet you could sell your sewing in the Cave B tasting room.”


“Oh, yeah, you know, your bibs and table runners and stuff.  People like to shop when they are wine tasting.”

‘For bibs?’

“You’d be surprised.  A lot of folks come for the weekend and this is the first time they’ve left their kids.

My first serious thought was business-like:  I can’t imagine I’d make much money selling bibs….?

My second thought was tenacious worker-like:  I wonder how many bibs I could make in a week…?

My next important thoughts did not come for a long time, because I was busy sewing bibs.

A nice selection of ‘Betty Bibs’ were delivered to the winery, just as they were going into their slow season.  With winter upon us and the Cave B Inn closed, my expectations were realistic.   However, I did receive a small sales check out of the blue…which brought new thoughts…creative person-like:  Someone who doesn’t know me, liked my work…and paid money for it!  This was a meaningful affirmation and it settled deep in my soul.

‘Hey, Number Two Son, do you think that Cave B would sell my table runners too?’

“Ahhh, yes Mom…I sort of told you that in the beginning.”

‘Oh, really?’  (This conversation is somewhat a recurring theme with Team Offspring and I).  

The Tasting Room Manager said, that they would love to have ‘any items we wished place in the tasting room and that many of their artists provide ways to display their items’.

I am now bombarded by thoughts…creative person-like:  She called me an artist!  I start to revel in this thing called creative entrepreneur.  

Entrepreneur-like:  I am delighted that I get more control of how our items are displayed.

My Loving Spouse builds me a glorified step-ladder, perfect for showcasing our items with a small footprint, for the tasting room.  Just right for my table runners…betty bibs cave b

My Loving Spouse’s chalkboard pigs and saddle crosses.

betty bib cave b pig

…and of course…Betty Bibs!betty bibs cave b wineI become more confident in our pricing…channeling what I call my ‘inner Ta’.  (Ta is a creative friend, with loads of talent and bucket loads of self-confidence about the worth of her products.)

With the joy of creating, the confirmation from buyers and my own little entrepreneur artistic space…my self confidence grows and I keep sewing…

table runner paper pieced 2…and surprise myself!  (Yes, that is a wine glass in the far corner as this was finished up after dinner.  Let’s remember that this is a true life blog!)table runner paper piecedI have learned so much about sewing from Pinterest, other artists, sewers, quilters who willing share their knowledge.  I saw these string blocks and jumped at the chance to try it out!  One of my very great surprises about my new life here is this sewing…that it calms me, provides gifts for friends and family, support (quilts) to people I may not even know and this artistic business.

Yes, I am blessed.


Craft Busy-ness

December 6, 2015

We’ve spent the last many weeks being busier than normal, although I am honestly not sure what normal is any more.  We’d committed to 2 craft/home spun/bazaar type activities.  It was a welcome change for us both to just be creative for a while.  We moved My Loving Spouse’s scroll saw into the pantry so he could get more done.craft patI was sewing up a storm, pursuing ideas on Pinterest and jumping from one idea to another.  Snowmen became a fairly constant theme.craft screenAlmost every part of the house was affected in some way by the creative mess.craft snowman  It had been awhile since we’d actually used the table to eat a meal.craft snowman workerI was grateful we’d moved the scroll saw into the relatively warm pantry as I gave it a go re-purposing some out of date texts into more snowmen.  craft snowman bookThere was a debate whether the chalkboard snowmen needed red scarfs or not….craft chalkboard snowmanThe Library window at school was the recipient of Snowmen Books.craft snowman book library There was a small break to play in the snow with this little man.craft snow…and we have just finished up…and we are tired.  I am too tired to tell you how great it was to bring so many people through our home and share the space with other creative souls.  Too tired to make sense with wonderful pictures of the tool caddy’s, Christmas quilts and table runners and all those items that were a big hit and which were sort of a big flop.  Too tired to really even write a decent blog post to show you what we’ve done…

It was absolutely worth it!  Am I going to worry or have a plan for that which did not sell?  Well, I thought about it…but, I think for now, we are going to celebrate Advent.

Advent…that season of waiting…

Grateful for what we have done and grateful to now slow down…

Merry Christmas!



The Birthday Present

December 2, 2015

My Little Sister’s birthday is today.  (Excuse me, favorite little sibling, but if you are turning 48, then you are making me feel old…sheesh!)  The past few years, I have sent her home-made gifts.  I was wondering what to make her this year and had an original thought.  Perhaps I should make her something she actually wanted, so I asked her.

‘Is there anything I could sew you for your birthday?’  The implication being, something I knew how to make…ie: a bib or a table runner since I do not really know how to sew many things.

“Oh, how sweet! I’d love a small cross body purse!”

Seriously?  I didn’t know how to sew a purse, cross body or not.

I found a pattern and a website that spoke in English, not in ‘sewing’, since I do not speak ‘sewing’.  Number Two Son and My Loving Spouse helped pick the fabric colors…purse flapsI began learning…the pockets were super easy and I love the two-tone look.purse pocketsLuckily, I could keep the website handy as I worked away.  (Thanks, Snips & Spice, you were amazing).purse buildingThe truth is that the bag was very fun to make and not as hard as I’d thought.  I am a little bit sorry that My Little Sister got my first one, since there is always a learning curve.

This is a random, but impressive display of the carrots I pulled from the garden to make My Girl some soup…purse carrotsMy Girl then agreed to model the messenger bag…complete with modeling attitude…purse modelThe other side… a bit wrinkled…oh, well… this is a true life blog (more modeling attitude).purse modelingThen I looked back at the original request from My Little Sister and realized she wanted a ‘small bag’…oh dear!  Maybe I should have just sent her a bib….but she likes it!purse messageLove you Sis!



Old Window Art

When I saw the window in the bathtub this morning, I knew the word that it needed.  The window was in the bathtub, because My Loving Spouse wanted to take a shower.  The old window had been in the shower, as I had been trying to clean the dust, dirt and grime off of it. […]

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Betty Bibs

I have been making bibs.  I have been making a mess.  I have been learning how to sew better and better…and making a mess.  I have been using fabric bits that I had on hand, which sometimes means digging through that drawer. Or dumping a scrap basket on the ground to further enhance digging through […]

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Sew Fun

I have so…sew…so much to learn about sewing.  Usually in these situations I can choose to patiently learn to do it ‘right’ or jump in bumble through and hope it sort of works out.  Upon making hooded towels for THE Grandson for Christmas…, yes bumbling through wins again….and we’ll just call the results…whimsical.The Granddogs are […]

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Scraps of Life

Last Sunday was the perfect time to sew up some scraps or cook up some scraps depending on which end of the creativity spectrum one falls on.  With the septic system working well, we/I declared an afternoon off to play in my sewing room.  I had some scraps and I wanted to use them.  I also […]

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My Sewing Space

It was just about a year ago, that My Loving Spouse pushed me toward buying a super, deluxe, sewing machine.  I am still shocked and amazed at how much I love to sew now and how much I’ve learned.  Me sewing space has gotten fitted out fairly well and I love to spend time there, […]

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Old Windows & Art

I love, love, love old windows…and doors….and bits of wood…and…  So it is no wonder I am where I am with an old house with lots of old bits we are trying to restore and save and fix and live in and a work shop full of what some might call junk-trash, I call treasure. […]

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