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Why a Parade?

November 15, 2016

I do know something about parades.

I spent many high school hours practicing with my marching band for parades…band reviews…marching, playing and looking good.  I grew up entrenched with the ‘Granddaddy of them all’, the Rose Parade, leading of this parade twice in the band.  If you’ve never seen the Rose parade in person, you should add it to your bucket list!  I stood in the cold on Thanksgiving day in New York City and watched the Macy’s Day parade with their great balloons float by.  I have even waited outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and watched a parade or procession of the entire Royal Family as they celebrated the now deceased Queen Mother’s 80th birthday.  I have waved and watched Team Offspring in parades of their own.

I have never seen a parade like the Veteran’s Day parade here in my small town.

whyThe short parade route was lined with people of all ages.  There was a color guard.  Cub scouts…why-a-parade-with-cub-scouts…and girl scouts…why-aparadeThe high school band played…

The ROTC marched in straight lines…why-a-parade

There were military vehicles….why-vechiles…and even a few horses.

The parade watchers clapped and cheered…and hollered words I had never heard at a parade before…

“Thank you for your service!”why-a
As the Veterans streamed by…whyaparade…there were fathers marching with sons…whyaparadI know something about Veterans.  Most of my childhood friends had father’s that had served in World War II.  We knew something about my father’s time in that war.  Every Uncle I had served during that War…

I do not remembering honoring them.  This parade might have been the best I have seen.

This parade was a show of respect…

from us to them…

and we are blessed.


Fat Tuesday First

February 10, 2016

It was a last minute invitation, but we jumped at it.  Would we like to join our Lutheran friends for a Fat Tuesday Jambalaya diner potluck and hymn sing?

We said yes for 4 very good reasons.

  1. We like these folks.
  2. Football is over…
  3. We like Jambalaya
  4. We, or especially I, love to sing hymns.

There was a cornucopia of Jambalaya and we were encouraged to take some of each, which of course we did.  A King Cake had been ordered from New Orleans for dessert.  It didn’t look like anything I’d ever had before, but it was delicious and I will refrain from mentioning which one of us went back for a second slice.

With clean plates and full bellies we moved into the sanctuary for a hymn sing.  Led by a rich singer with a great sense of humor we sang the old hymns.  Allowed to pick our favorites, (as long as we raised our hands) I was quickly reminded of my mother’s Lutheran roots.  Although some of the hymn titles were different the songs and words were the same.  One of the biggest things I do miss about our former life is singing in the church choir.  It was a simple and lovely evening.

We are blessed.

(Random cow picture, because I love my girls.

Eliza Doolittle, Agnes, Clara Belle)

black angus


The Brick

June 11, 2015

A few weeks ago we took a detour to Roslyn.  Roslyn is an old mining town that is colorful and unique.  Remember the old TV show Northern Exposure?  It was filmed in Roslyn.  Our plan was lunch at The Brick.  the brickThe Brick has been around awhile and on a Saturday afternoon, the place was buzzing.  14 foot ceilings, a spittoon that runs all the way around the bar (wide enough to run races of small home-made boats in it) and plenty of colorful character.brick deerThe burgers were savory.   The fries downright sinful.  The drinks cold and flavorful, dark beer for My Loving Spouse and cider on tap for me.  Oh, yes, they hit the spot.brick drinkA brief, but fun spot to stop…

We love living right where we are…

…we are blessed.


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