Glory Farm

Those Pesky Flies

July 10, 2017

We have a few flies here at the farm.  Flies are ugly, nasty, gross insects.  Where there is poop, there are flies.  I can well remember my mother, Betty, hollering at us kids,

“Do NOT put the fly swatter on the table/counter!!!  Flies land in dog doo!”

It left a mark on me.  She was right.  Flies are gross.  They land in dog doo and any other doo they can find.  Fly swatters are gross.  Flies in the house are gross and annoying, swat them with a swatter and they smear on the surface.  Swat them with a random ball-cap and you might (I did) break a window.

We saw this video of a man shooting flies with salt.  My Loving Spouse was on the internet ready to buy it.  He found it for $50, gotta say, that did slow us down.  We waited a bit, after all….would it really work and $50 is one expensive Fly Swatter.

I was then off to JoAnn’s fabric shop to check out a sale in Yakima.  Some one was really thinking when they put this store in, because next door to the shop is a very nice Ace Hardware.  Not to stereotype anyone, but ‘if a wife is shopping for fabric, a husband does have somewhere to go.’

I needed a door magnet, so I popped into Ace.  There I saw it.I asked the Old Boy who was helping me,

“How much fun have you had with that Bug-a-Salt?”

‘I LOVE it!  It really works and it is a hoot!’

I was on the phone to My Loving Spouse.

“They’ve got the Bug-a-Salt at Ace.  Only $40.”

He said only two words, “Buy it!”

This is the most fun I’ve ever had killing those gross flies.  No mess, just a bit of table salt added to the dust we already have, (hardly worth mentioning).  Everyone who I’ve let try it, wants to know how to buy one and has a long list of people they want to buy it for.  

If you visit, I will no longer be embarrassed at our flies.  I will just hand you our Bug-a-Salt and let you have some fun.

Life is good…..if, you are not a fly.


Comings and Goings

May 30, 2017

Time to wean the twins, Fred and George.  I surprised myself, easily separating the calves from their mom.  I moved Agnes around to the pond to hang out with the chickens.  Whenever things go well with the large livestock, I do marvel at my life transformation!Agnes was not all that keen to be separated from her calves, but did find that she enjoyed the chicken’s feed.  I’m afraid things did not get better for my lovely cow, as we/me/I sold her offspring.  I have completely mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, selling my calves at a good price quickly, makes me feel like a true cattle woman and other than the fresh cow manure I stepped in while getting them loaded, I did strut around the farm just a bit.  Seeing my cow Mooing loudly for her calves, as the trailer removing them drove down the road, made me feel like an evil child stealer, but….day two and we are both over it!  My big ‘herd management plans’ include adding another cow (or two) for Agnes, so she will always have a girlfriend around, hopefully by this fall.

Other than cattle management, we have been scurrying about trying to get ‘stuff’ done.  Number Two Son is graduating from CWU in a matter of weeks.  It is always amazing how God works.  Number Two never planned on going to CWU.  We even talked about it before we moved here….we were all sure it wasn’t for him…but having a college here, did make this ‘country town’ a better fit for these ‘city people’.  One thing led to another, it ended up being a very good fit for him and here I am weeding in a big way, getting ready for the big day!The attic bath is getting painted….and tiled….and hopefully by the time THE Grandkids come for THE Graduation, they will be bathing in THE UPSTAIRS TUB!

…and we are blessed!


Spring Fever

May 6, 2017

I have had Spring Fever these last few weeks!

No, wait, I have had a fever these last few weeks of Spring.  The darling little people I work with managed to share a spring flu with me and it took me down.  While I was down, Spring was springing up.…all around.  The grass was greening…

The cows and chickens were loving it.The Spring bulbs were blossoming, bringing a huge smile to my face every time I managed a sneak peek outside to see them.My Buddy Beau was keeping his eye out for me, wondering when I would be back to play….No one is happier to see Spring than I am…no one!  I am so happy, that spring is here.  I am even happier, that I am well enough to enjoy it!

Spring is here!  It is beautiful!….and I am blessed!


Rocking It

March 7, 2017

We are rocking it!  Seriously!  In my purge of extraneous brown furniture, I ‘re-homed’ the brown love seats, moved the comfy couch to the living room (where it is looking great) and the family room has nothing left to sit on.

That is not exactly true.  We have a lot of rocking chairs 7 to be exact.  I just moved more of them into the family room for temporary seating.  The couchlessness is not really bothering me much, because I sit in one of the rockers anyway.I asked Team Offspring what they thought about just not getting a new couch.  Mostly, I was just messing with them, and did enjoy their collective moment of panic at the thought of not having a couch to lounge about on.

Sunday evening we all grabbed a rocker and played a round of our favorite card game, Five Crowns.  Five Crowns is a gin-rummy type game with the wild card changing each hand.  Great for all ages Team Offspring learned at an early age to sit to the left of my mother, as she had a habit of discarding the wild card, a famous move we have long dubbed doing a ‘Grammy’.  After beating the family soundly, I went out to feed the animals.  I’m sure you heard the sonic boom, that was me traveling faster than the speed of sound.  I stepped into the barn to feed the horses and the cows, flipped on the light and saw the back-end of a skunk.  I have never been particularly fast, but clearly I never had the proper motivation.  Let me tell you, I was fast last Sunday night.  I was out of that barn so fast, it made the cow’s head spin.  The cows and the horses were not very happy about not getting fed, but I was extremely happy about not getting sprayed and I was doubly happy I had not taken the dog out with me.

Yep, we are rocking it….

and we are blessed.


Winter Whimsy

February 15, 2017

I am seeing the funny side of winter this morning, which is so much easier to do, when one has a 3 hour delay for school/work, due to black ice on the road.  In other words, this means I am drinking coffee in bed, when I would normally be at school.  This day after Valentine’s day, the kids are coming down off of their sugar high, in the privacy of their own home.  (Win one for the school staff).

Valentine’s day at an elementary school is a fairly rewarding place.  When you work in the library, no one really has to bring you Valentines, so when they do, it is very sweet and touching.  The kids do have such fun giving to others.  Love in forms of suckers, hearts and chocolate.  Nothing says loving like 4.5 ounces of truck!Or a very special Valentine from My Loving Spouse, who had to fix some of the words in the card he found.I love these guys!

Staying on the lighter side of life, we’ve warmed up a tad.  Can you figure out where our septic system is?  The warmest spot in the yard.The hoar-frost is beautiful on every branch…Although it is quite possible that Pooh, does not agree…with hoar frost on her whiskers, as she continues her campaign to become a house cat.  (Which is NOT happening).In other bits of randomness… do you know what type of Danish mid-century Modern furniture goes well in a 1889 year old American farm-house?

NONE!  (Except a very good sewing table, but that is all about function not form.)

In other words the furniture we moved here with, (that I never liked), but My Loving Spouse was fond of…is finally gone!  My Loving Spouse took pity on my furniture angst and said…sell it…and so we did.  Which is why we currently now have imaginary dressers and odd random empty spaces around the house.  I am scouring the internet for just the right furniture for a funny shaped home.  I am in a design frenzy.  I’d even repaint the bedroom today, if I could actually get to the paint store (except for the whole black ice problem).

Have a great day, where ever you are…

I may go have some more coffee and just a small bite of truck, yes, I am blessed.


Mr. T and Z…an update

December 31, 2016

A year in review?  I don’t think so!

However, as I do reflect on this year, I cannot help, but be gratefully amazed at our two biggest life events of 2016, the accident and the kids.

My Loving Spouse’s accident will always be a few seconds, where time stopped still for me.  Seeing him hit with that chainsaw…thinking I’d witnessed his death, we both have scars from that day…and an awful lot of gratitude, because it could have been so different.

Our ‘other’ kids, Mr. T and Z are embedded in our hearts.  We have transitioned to being their ‘Grammy and PaPaPat’ and how we love them so…

We see our kids on Sundays and sit all together in church.  Mr. T runs with open arms to be scooped up into our own, and let’s just say, we never think twice about going to church.

The best blessing is that the kids are doing great.  Their mom is not well, and it would seem, that this situation will not change, but for these two, at least, they are loved, they are safe, they are being given the best chance at a healthy life, with ‘foster’ parents that love them and provide positive role models for a different life, and for this and so much more, we are grateful.

Mr. T and Z and their new big sister M come often to the farm on Sundays for pancakes after church.My Loving Spouse and I revel in how well they are doing and to be honest, we love how much they love us.

Mr. T likes everything to be exactly the same every time.  The train comes out, the books are read and the toys are played with.We are happy to oblige and be a consistent part of his life.We never knew, when we started walking alongside these little ones, where it would lead…but God has been faithful….

and we are blessed.

Happy New Year to you all.





Our Busy Season

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New Digs for the Old Boys

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21 Hours At Glory Farm

Somedays nothing happens here… Other days it happens all at once. We were having Mr. T and Z for a week.   We were still waiting on Agnes to calve.  My Sorority Sister and her Husband were coming to the farm for an overnight.  It was hot and there were plenty of flies.  I warned […]

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It is a little known fact, that I love to rip stuff out.  (Not stitches, I do not like to unsew.)  Fences long forgotten, and no longer used are nice to pull out.  I especially love to rip out, raze, cut to the ground bushes and plants whose value is long past.  For years, my family […]

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Kids In Spring

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Bits of Spring

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