Family Time

My Grandmothering heart is full and my Mothering heart is hopeful.

With 5 full days to soak up THE Grandchildren, I was a very happy camper.  Some say, that THE Grandson has me wrapped around his little finger, but if a darling boy asks me to play croquet, or trains, or read books or play with bubbles, why would I say “no”?

It was a time to get to know our smiling, beautiful and sweet granddaughter, Little E, and as always, real life was in session.  Two sinks leaked, the 4 dogs did not get a long, THE Grandson fell and went to Urgent care, a gate got left open and the cow got out.

However, we were there…for Number Two.  This was his time.  His graduation from college.  It took him more time and more years with a transfer from one school to the other, but he did it with honors and the respect of his classmates and his professors.  So, his family gathered to watch him walk. 

I was moved by the Bagpipes as they led the faculty and graduates for their walk through campus.  I was grateful for Professors who cared for my son, for well thought out seating, jumbo trons and plenty of port-a-potties.  …for silly, fun Number Two faces on sticks.

I am grateful for him…this special son of mine.

Celebrations can sometimes be hard. We wanted this to be as special a day as Number Two deserved, but it was out of our hands.  My Loving Spouse and I tried to include Number Two’s Dad and Step-Mom, we handed them a face on a stick.  I sent in THE Grandson to ask his Papa Jay, if he would come to the farm to have lunch with him.  After all, THE Grandson is hard to resist and he is 2 and destined to say ‘why’, if told ‘no’.  It has been many, many years…and finally…something thawed….something changed.

They came…we all sat at the same table…we all celebrated our son…and we were all blessed.I love you Number Two Son of mine.

Witty, funny, thoughtful and dear.

Voracious reader….Harry Potter lover.

You bless us all.



New Baby Fish

April 13, 2017

There’s a new little fish in the family.

My family name is Fisher.

When you’re family name is Fisher, you are susceptible to things with fish on them…especially fabric.

I found darling fish fabric, while I was getting just a bit more purple fabric and I had to have it.  My nephew’s family had just welcomed the newest little fish and my Great Nephew carried, his Daddy’s, his Granddaddy’s and his Great Granddaddy’s initials.

I had to keep this new quilt simple, because I have too many other projects going, this comment alone, clearly defines me now as a quilter.  My goal was to sew this baby a quilt, easy, cute and get it in the mail.

I bought a bit of green bubbles to go with the fishes, a white on white and planned to use what else I had at home.

The width was decided by the size of my ruler (6 inches) to keep things simple.  I sewed these strips together and then cut them in to 6 inch tall strips.  I picked out some bright primary colored polka-dots and gingham for the other squares, cut them in 6 inch blocks, sewed them to white 6 inch blocks and ‘ta-da’!

I drew and cut out a card board fish.

I used this to trace and cut out 5 fabric fish and added them to a sea of blue.

I think it is easier to line up your applique and then trim off the excess after they’ve been sewn.

I got all ‘fancy’ and put the new little Fish’s initial’s on his quilt.

I love the yellow gingham binding!

and you know what?

I am blessed!

With love to them all

Joseph Solomon Fisher

John Stuart Fisher

Justin Stuart Fisher

Jacen Solomon Fisher



The Best Christmas Tree Ever

December 20, 2016

At the risk of making the rest of you jealous, we/I/Glory Farm has the best Christmas tree ever this year.

One year when Team Offspring was young (ages 5, 7, & 10), my good friend was doing deep sighs about Christmas.

“The hard part”, she said, “Is that it is all up to me, up to me to create all the magic.”  She had her own Team Offspring, with similar ages to mine.  

‘Don’t your kids give presents to each other?’ I asked.  “That is my favorite part of Christmas, when I hear my kids saying to each other, “Wait, open the one I gave you.”

“Well, they don’t really have any money”, she said.  (You should know that she and her husband were doctors, so they did have some flexibility in their budget.)

I like to hope, that I said this next part kindly, but I am aware, that sometimes we all have selective memory.

“Well, a Beanie Baby is only $5.00, give them some chores to do, so they can earn some Christmas money”….and so she did and so they did and they had the best Christmas ever and lived happily ever after…or something like it.

That is still my favorite part of Christmas, that and singing in church with them.  Sharing the magic and sharing the work that can come with the Christmas season, which is why we have the best Christmas tree ever!  We have had trees that had a few more needles.  We’ve had trees that fit in the room a bit better, this is our first wall to wall tree.  We’ve had more expensive trees.  We’ve had a lot of trees that fall down, but we’ve never had a tree that Number Two Son and My Girl went off to procure together, to help, to surprise us and to be part of the magic/work that is Christmas…and I love it.I hope you find joy in the magic/work that is Christmas…and I am blessed.


My Loving Spouse got another new knee for Christmas.  The title of this post is sort of a lie, because we still do not have a Christmas tree.  However, Team Offspring has plans to rectify this situation today (12-16-2016).  They have a tree permit and are going to cut one down, which is very cool.  No, wait, it might be very cold, the weather today is calling for single digits.  Single digit weather for Christmas tree foraging for two Southern California born kids.  Team Offspring has acclimated!

The great news is that My Loving Spouse did get another new knee. He now has very few original parts left, luckily his sense of humor remains intact.  After the quantity of Bad British words uttered (by me), when he got the right knee replaced, I insisted that he find a different surgeon for this left knee.

I had one day to get the new Christmas lights we ordered for the house up before we left for THE OTHER New Knee.  The lights were going to be great.  LED, one long string, clear wiring….one long string, no really, one really long string.  Note to self:  put up lights in the Spring, do a great job and leave them up forever.  No sane Washingtonian puts up Christmas lights after it has snowed.  Check my birth certificate, it does say…Pasadena, California.  I could have skipped the lights, but darn it, I wanted them up.  I wanted something to signify that we were not Grinches, we were just behind!

Number Two Son offered to help me, I think because he likes Christmas lights, or he likes me or because he didn’t want to drive me to the hospital, if I fell of the roof.  We opted to leave out the highest roof line and safely started to string the lights on the hooks we’d put in place a few years before.  Shoes on roofs with snow are slippery, socks, however, stick pretty well, yes, my feet were cold!  Number Two improvised a light installing tool with a broom handle and a cup hook.  Before we knew it, we had the scary part up, next we just needed to run the lights along the first story.  The weather on this day was about 23 (cold degrees).  We did take a few short cuts putting in the cup hooks, because the darn things did not want to screw into the cold house, so the first story lighting is not as straight and taunt as I’d like, but they are up, they are on and no one got hurt.  We will redo the whole thing properly this spring or at least this summer, for sure by fall, but never again in winter.  I love that we are lit up, even if we do have a glowing ball of light in the right corner of the porch where the other multiple hundreds of feet of lights remain waiting to be strung.As far as the other New Knee, it went extremely well.  The surgeon was spectacular, My Loving Spouse, had a spinal block and will happily tell you how he could hear the procedure being done, if you have a strong stomach.  My Cousins were a blessing as they came and took me to lunch and sat with me during the procedure.  The hospital was stellar, relieving my early doubts when I saw that it was surrounded by cemeteries.

We are home, he is well, the house is lit up and Team Offspring is back with a tree, and I am blessed.


Wow, Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2016

We had family that traveled to be with us this year for Thanksgiving.  An honor, a crowd, a lot of food, pumpkin pies or just plain pumpkins, if you are a cow.thanksgivingI think I should write a realistic cookbook for Thanksgiving.

Go to the store 1,001 times.  

Still forget something,

Put the bird in the oven,

Clean up the kitchen 101 times,

Plan all side dishes accordingly,

omit side dish that doesn’t make the cut, when the bird is done about an hour early,

if you drink, have some while cooking,

do not learn how to make gravy,

so you can organize side dishes that do make it into the good china while,

Your Loving Spouse makes the gravy.

Pray, eat, repeat.

The septic tank handled the crowd, for which we are always grateful!

However….the biggest…the best…the greatest Thanksgiving distraction on earth came when Number One Son called to say…Number One Wife’s water had broken…they were at the hospital (in Spokane)…we stopped to pray…and waited…

Between, ‘oh my goodness, I am so full’ and ‘perhaps I will make just a small turkey sandwich’…

She arrived…and we are THANKFUL on this Thanksgiving!

Little E….

Eleanor Dawn

6 lbs. 13 oz

19 3/4 inches

and I am very blessed.



The Pumpkin Delivery

October 23, 2016

The pumpkins have been harvested, and I needed to make a very special delivery to THE Grandson in Spokane.giantWith My Girl riding Shotgun, we set out early to see our favorite 2-year-old.  As soon as we arrived, THE Grandson, grabbed a few tools and set about measuring the pumpkin.giant-pumpkin-measureThe tricky part was getting the Giant out of the truck without splattering it all over the Spokane sidewalk.  We’d brought what we hoped were strong boards to carefully roll the 200+ pound vegetable down out of the truck.  I didn’t fancy cleaning up a huge pumpkin splat, but more importantly, I didn’t want to fail so close to our goal.  Luckily we prevailed and Number One Son rolled the pumpkin across their lawn to set it at the foot of their porch stairs.  THE Grandson told me that his (unborn) sister needed a pumpkin too.  So I brought two more pumpkins, one for his Mamma and Daddy and one more for baby sister.giant-pumpkinsSpending the day with THE Grandson is pure joy.  Reading to him, walking to the park, listening to him laugh…splashing in puddles.   Even watching him be a little naughty to his Daddy is sort of entertaining…well, to one of us.giant-puddlesSpending time with all three of my kids and THE Grandson was just bliss.  Watching the Uncle and the Auntie delight in the little man was a special and delightful treat to me.giant-team-offspring

Number One Son and Number One Wife are trying to finish painting their house, before the weather catches up to them.  We were trying our best to be helpful, Number Two Son, My Girl, THE Grandson and I cooked dinner.  Building home-made pizzas with a 2-year-old, no one was overly concerned that THE Grandson licked his fingers after patting the dough, spooned some of the pizza sauce into his mouth, ate half of the pepperoni and spat out the mushrooms during production.  Watching Auntie and Uncle cooking with the darling boy…oh, be still my heart.giant-pizza

THE Grandson is potty trained.  I know!  He is amazing!  He just can’t actually pull his little underpants down, so that was my job.


“Yes, sweetie.”

‘Do you have a penis?’

“No, I don’t.”

‘Daddy has a penis.’

“Yes, he does”.

 ‘Mamma doesn’t have a penis.’

‘That’s right’.

‘Uncle Riley…do you have a penis?’

…and I left the bathroom laughing.

It was a great day…and yes,

I am blessed.



I sent My Loving Spouse a text.  I needed to give him a shopping list. Except, I did not type the text, I told the phone what the shopping list was and the phone typed the text. SOCKS ‘SUCKS’ So I was really careful and enunciated clearly, so the phone would understand… SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS ‘SUCKS, […]

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The One Grammy Made

We are having a Granddaughter.  We are quite excited!  This little baby girl, like her big brother, THE Grandson, will not have any shortage of special blankets and quilts made for them with great love by their Mamma, their Grandma and their Grammy.  I’ve seen THE Grandson go to sleep with 3 blankets, one made by […]

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Unfold The Map

There are certain times in one’s life, where quitting is just not an option.  When the garden hose attached with the sewer unplugger is stuck in the waste pipe one is trying to unstick…yes, that would be just one of those times.  My Loving Spouse crawls under the house.  My instructions are to jam the […]

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Filling My Cup

One of the best parts of living in Ellensburg, is that Seattle, the big city, is just over the hill.  I can go visit it, if I want to and get reacquainted with what traffic really looks like, get a Chinese foot massage (which I highly recommend), visit a new cutting edge (pun intended) surgeon for […]

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Croquet Rules!

Croquet rules at Glory Farm as the sport of choice. Played by all ages.Beverages are encouraged. The official Glory Farm Croquet Season starts around Memorial Day and can run as late as Thanksgiving depending on the snow levels.Exact and intricate record keeping for ‘the season’, is handled by yours truly.Points are awarded in each game: […]

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Naming Animals

We take our naming of animals fairly seriously around here.  If you let kids/children/people under 13 get involved, they might not take it quite as seriously as we do.  However, it does add for some interesting humor in life. The Old Ren Hen went broody.  She was determined to sit on her clutch of eggs […]

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