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Quilters Hug With Fabric

October 25, 2017

Quilters hug with fabric.

In celebrations of joy and in struggles, that is often our journey, my response is to hug.  When the loved one is not near, the response is even stronger to sew.Sew a quilt, that I hope will express my love.

Sew a quilt designed uniquely for the receiver.  This one is for one who is red/green color blind.  These colors and pattern designed with extra care of how he sees the world.I long to let you know, that you are not alone.Quilts do not mend bones.Quilts do not remove cancer.Quilts can keep you warm with cozy flannel on the back, the weight adds a unique calming and comforting feel. Love and prayers with every stitch.  His initials sewn into the fabric…JSF.Many miles separate us and it has been a few years since this picture was taken…

Get well…With great love and gratitude for who you are in my life,

your little sister.


Messages From The Pig

September 9, 2017

A few years ago, I talked My Loving Spouse into making some chalkboard pigs.  I LOVE ours!  It hangs over the kitchen sink, where a window should be.  

Apparently, the pig speaks Chinese.

We leave our special/random messages for one another.

I think everyone should have a pig.We did have to glue his tail back on, after an unfortunate tail incident.

Even with a few scars or a glued on tail, we can still be a positive messenger…tell the family what is important…

This message may be up for a while….

…and we are blessed.

I say, find yourself a pig.



August 14, 2017

When I think of last week, I can only think…chaos.  The best kind of chaos and I smile.  There is that warm feeling in my heart, contentment and joy.  The house was full of family and dogs (14 to be exact, 4 adults and 10 puppies).  The puppies were socialized.

The weather was hot.  Hot for here, hot for anywhere and no Ellensburg breeze/wind, 100 degrees, an old home with no A/C.  However, here it does cool off at night and the mornings are lovely and it is only the afternoons that are nasty.  We appreciated the mornings and by 4:oo pm, we instituted the ‘Mike hour’ and daily worked our way through a different Hard Mike’s Lemonade flavor.  The people were socialized.

There were birthdays to celebrate.  

Cousins came from over the hill with their Grandson, brothers came, friends came….kids and dogs and chaos…the best kind.  The family from different branches, with different names were socialized.More cousins came, San Diego cousins, because after all they were only in Portland and we had puppies.

We found them beds and said, ‘Just stay’.

The pond was played in.  THE Grandson helped me put the candles on his Mama & Daddy’s cake.

Water balloons were launched, because when I saw the launcher, complete with 100 self sealing balloons, I knew that my son, needed it for his 29th birthday.

The San Diego boy cousin rode the mini bike…and rode it into the barn, cut his leg open and it was time for stitches, ‘real life’ was in session!  They changed their flight, and as their Mom got them organized, I took these younger cousins into town…for ice cream and bought them books, because I like doing both of those things with kids.  I told them stories of My Special Uncle, their Great Grandfather, who taught me to do those things with kids, by doing those things for me.  I told them stories about their Grandfather, my cousin, the funniest man I have ever known, who died too young, and they’ve never know…

I guess, that is my job now, my gift…to be the family story-teller and help paint the family picture…and probably, to buy water balloons.

…and I am blessed.



June 29, 2017

We celebrated My Loving Spouse’s birthday in a big way!

First, let me back up.  A few years ago we gave Team Offspring an IOU to go Tubing on the snow.  Then one of them broke their wrist, then there was no snow, then another of them broke their arm, then there was so much snow we were sick of it and nobody could ever get the same day off!

Yesterday, we did it!  We rewrote our IOU’s, everyone managed to get the day off and we took off to Lake Chelan for a day on the water jet skiing!  The sky was blue, the lake was warm and the hills were filled with rows of orchards and vineyards.  It is gorgeous!

We rented two large jet ski’s and the 4 of us jumped (climbed, cautiously slipped, nervously mounted) our floating motor craft.  With the Y Chromosome members at the helm, we sped out onto the water, with some of us saying things like “Slow Down!”

I finally took my turn to drive.  My Loving Spouse, knowing I’d never been on a ski before offered vital words of instruction.  The actual quote was,

“Goose IT, Mother!”

We all did get good at zipping around the absolutely beautiful lake.  The day was filled with laughter.  I did manage to ‘catch some air’ and when our Jet Ski capsized, well, all I can say is, that I was not the one who was driving.

We capped it off with a quick wine tasting at Hard Row to Hoe Vineyard….how they got their name is another story.

…and we are certainly blessed.

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Lights, Action!

June 25, 2017

We have lights in THE Bathroom!  Lights as in, one walks into the room and flicks a switch and lights go on!  Not the lights we have had called, do not trip over the extension cord to the power strip, which led to the shop light leaning up against the wall.

We had the lights themselves for quite a while.  We’ve had them so long, that My Loving Spouse forgot what was actually in their box, just sitting upstairs waiting for the wiring to be finished.  I had ordered them online, with My Loving Spouse’s complete agreement at the time of ordering.  Except…we both forgot about one thing…the room is not square.  It is not even a rectangle….in math terms it is a hexagon.  Yep, 6 sides, which makes lighting on the wall (where I wanted it) more difficult.

Enter “One of THE Seattle Cousins”….who was on his anniversary trip…complete with his tool box.He graciously worked all day on our electrical, hooking up light switches, installing the new lights (that everyone thought was wrong), conferring with me about their placement, which meant for the first time in my life, I got to boss him around!  (This nut did not fall far from the Bossy Tree, but being one of the younger cousins, I rarely got to exercise my bossy ‘gift’ with him.)See that short slanted ceiling…yes, that was the bit we forgot about.  With My Loving Spouse off driving, My Cousin put the lights I LOVE where I want them.  This does mean I will have to redraw the plans for the medicine cabinets…oh, well, those plans only exist in my head anyway.I love them!  We had time for dinner, croquet and card games!…and one of my favorite things ever…sitting in the same pew at church with people I love.

Thank you!

…and I am very blessed.


My Grandmothering heart is full and my Mothering heart is hopeful.

With 5 full days to soak up THE Grandchildren, I was a very happy camper.  Some say, that THE Grandson has me wrapped around his little finger, but if a darling boy asks me to play croquet, or trains, or read books or play with bubbles, why would I say “no”?

It was a time to get to know our smiling, beautiful and sweet granddaughter, Little E, and as always, real life was in session.  Two sinks leaked, the 4 dogs did not get a long, THE Grandson fell and went to Urgent care, a gate got left open and the cow got out.

However, we were there…for Number Two.  This was his time.  His graduation from college.  It took him more time and more years with a transfer from one school to the other, but he did it with honors and the respect of his classmates and his professors.  So, his family gathered to watch him walk. 

I was moved by the Bagpipes as they led the faculty and graduates for their walk through campus.  I was grateful for Professors who cared for my son, for well thought out seating, jumbo trons and plenty of port-a-potties.  …for silly, fun Number Two faces on sticks.

I am grateful for him…this special son of mine.

Celebrations can sometimes be hard. We wanted this to be as special a day as Number Two deserved, but it was out of our hands.  My Loving Spouse and I tried to include Number Two’s Dad and Step-Mom, we handed them a face on a stick.  I sent in THE Grandson to ask his Papa Jay, if he would come to the farm to have lunch with him.  After all, THE Grandson is hard to resist and he is 2 and destined to say ‘why’, if told ‘no’.  It has been many, many years…and finally…something thawed….something changed.

They came…we all sat at the same table…we all celebrated our son…and we were all blessed.I love you Number Two Son of mine.

Witty, funny, thoughtful and dear.

Voracious reader….Harry Potter lover.

You bless us all.



New Baby Fish

There’s a new little fish in the family. My family name is Fisher. When you’re family name is Fisher, you are susceptible to things with fish on them…especially fabric. I found darling fish fabric, while I was getting just a bit more purple fabric and I had to have it.  My nephew’s family had just welcomed the […]

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The Best Christmas Tree Ever

At the risk of making the rest of you jealous, we/I/Glory Farm has the best Christmas tree ever this year. One year when Team Offspring was young (ages 5, 7, & 10), my good friend was doing deep sighs about Christmas. “The hard part”, she said, “Is that it is all up to me, up […]

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A New Knee Under the Christmas Tree

My Loving Spouse got another new knee for Christmas.  The title of this post is sort of a lie, because we still do not have a Christmas tree.  However, Team Offspring has plans to rectify this situation today (12-16-2016).  They have a tree permit and are going to cut one down, which is very cool. […]

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Wow, Thanksgiving!

We had family that traveled to be with us this year for Thanksgiving.  An honor, a crowd, a lot of food, pumpkin pies or just plain pumpkins, if you are a cow.I think I should write a realistic cookbook for Thanksgiving. Go to the store 1,001 times.   Still forget something, Put the bird in the […]

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The Pumpkin Delivery

The pumpkins have been harvested, and I needed to make a very special delivery to THE Grandson in Spokane.With My Girl riding Shotgun, we set out early to see our favorite 2-year-old.  As soon as we arrived, THE Grandson, grabbed a few tools and set about measuring the pumpkin.The tricky part was getting the Giant […]

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I sent My Loving Spouse a text.  I needed to give him a shopping list. Except, I did not type the text, I told the phone what the shopping list was and the phone typed the text. SOCKS ‘SUCKS’ So I was really careful and enunciated clearly, so the phone would understand… SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS ‘SUCKS, […]

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