Line Item

November 4, 2017

It has happened.

I believe it is now official.

It is not because we have more critters than people sharing our evening.

It is not because My Loving Spouse and I have just recently both been listening to the same local (ie. Country/Western radio station) and saying words like,

“That’s a good station!”

It is not because our free range chickens poop on the porch.

It is not because we have more barn cats than dogs, and I am not a cat person.

It was the line item on our budget for this month.

That one line item brought it home to me, that I am now a country person.

Planning on a purchase….

….the item simply spelled out…



and I am blessed.



Agnes on Sabbatical

September 24, 2017

I took a walk down the road the other day.  I had some produce to deliver to Agnes.  Agnes has been on sabbatical this summer.

Black Angus Cows have really one job, which is to produce more Black Angus Offspring.  Agnes took this summer off.  All you cattlemen, should now take a collective gasp.  However, it is important to remember that in 3 years, Agnes calved 5 living calves, so she is sort of ahead of schedule.

Last fall, when Agnes went to the ‘prom’, there were 4 bulls in the field.  We think, quite possibly, that all the bulls started arguing, fighting and showing off (as intact male animals are sometimes capable of doing) thereby preventing each other from getting to ‘dance’ with Agnes, when she was really ‘ready to  dance’.  Anyway…no calf this summer.

Agnes was not happy.  She was bellowing for bulls and seemed lonely.  She is a herd animal and she refuses to recognize the horses as her ‘herd’.  Our Friend the Farmer said she could spend the rest of the summer down the road with some of his young cows and…..a bull.  I gave Agnes a fresh set of shots, we loaded her up in the trailer and dropped her off in the field down the road.  Agnes came out of the trailer and ran across the field to meet up with the herd.  I felt sort of sad for her, that she had been alone.

I have checked on her and brought her a few bananas, which makes the other cows wonder what in the world is going on.  I think they sort of roll their cow eyes at us.

We are hoping she got the opportunity to ‘dance’ a bit with the bull.  She should be home soon and with any luck, she’ll be ‘in the family way’!


And Then There Were Two

August 20, 2017

Our pups have been making their transition from Glory Farm to their new family.  These families are so important to us.  This is a huge reason to do this litter…helping good homes, get good dogs…

“June” and Carl….a second ‘family’ set.  Carl’s sister has Remi, one of our puppies from last year….  I cannot even count the number of times Carl thanked us for this little pup.

We love for our pups to go to friends, or friends of friends….

This darling girl will go to live the island life on Whidbey Island, via a Southern California friend of ours….

Speaking of Sisters…These 3 cried when they heard they were getting a puppy, but which pup?  Big sister is holding their pup, while little sister is holding their Aunt’s pup!  Sister’s getting darling black girls…Here she is…

What about the boys?  Brother’s getting our only set of black boys?Diesel and Maverick are off to great homes….these boys just make us smile.

and before we knew it, then there were 2…

..and we are blessed.


Look Who Dropped By

Post image for Look Who Dropped By

July 25, 2017

What is better than visiting puppies?

Sharing puppies!  With 10 healthy little pups and a Mama dog, that is willing to let people hold her babies, (as long as they scratch her head first), there are enough puppies for everyone.Santa left these boys an IOU about 18 months ago, for a “Puppy when the time was right”.  Guess what time it is?  Right!  There was a brief discussion with their Dad, to try to talk him into 2 pups.  Dad wouldn’t visit the pups, because he knew he’d weaken and say, “Yes”.  We’re delighted that one of these little black male dogs will belong with this great family, be trained up and learn to hunt with these boys.Fuzzy tail picture, yep, someone is ‘wagging’ it!Our Friend the Farmer stops by for a quick visit, a drink and a puppy cuddle.We had no plans to keep any of the pups, but this little yellow male is working his way into our hearts.  He is calm and sweet.  My Loving Spouse says his name is “Gunner”, however, if you are British you pronounce it “Gun-na”.

Not all the pups have been spoken for yet.  This is a bit easier on me, because as soon as I know which family they are going to, it feels like I am caring for someone else’s dog.  However, I do prefer them to go to great people we know, or friends know, so I am trying to not be anxious, that they are not all spoken for at this time.  They are 3 1/2 weeks old, which means they will be climbing out of their whelping box soon!  Some of them are showing signs of climbing out, so we spent yesterday evening securing the perimeter of the yard!

Stay tuned for more puppies adventures, and if you live nearby…come visit!


Fresh Eggs

July 20, 2017

We have true free range chickens.Unfortunately they like to hang out on the porch on windy or hot days…or still, cool days…or rainy days.  Yep, just about everyday, hanging out, pooping on the porch.  They have a short memory, because they get chased off with a broom by me often!  Then they jump into what was supposed to be a strawberry patch-flower garden and take a dust bath.  The high price of fresh eggs.The girls do provide what I think are the best eggs in the valley.  Even Our Friend the Farmer, said, “Oh, I sure do like your eggs!”  He has geriatric hens that have stopped laying, so he has joined my small, but faithful collection of egg customers.I set out a dozen eggs, in a cooler.  I have a low tech, collection container for payment.It is all done on the honor system.  Folks pay for the eggs and then help me out by laying the sign down and putting the cooler beside the fence.

Do people steal the cooler?  No

Do people steal the eggs?  No

Do people bring back egg cartons, even when there are no eggs?  Yes, lots.Is life good?

You bet!



10 Puppies!

July 4, 2017

The last week has been eventful!  It started with our pregnant black lab, Zoe not eating.  Labradors typically eat as if their last meal had been days ago not simply hours ago.  Labradors eat everything and anything, that they are allowed to gobble up.  Zoe was huge (large, giant) and resembling a pot-bellied pig more than a lab, so I was worried about this big Mama not eating, especially with a whole week left to go until her due date.  Zoe would gobble up scrabbled eggs.  She was quite partial to farm fresh, free range eggs, lightly scrambled, so I obliged…all week.

The first pup came after a restless night at 5:30 am, born on our bathroom floor.  Born exactly on her due date a little girl, black with a white blaze.  We quickly moved mom and baby into the whelping area, relieved and nervous that things were finally underway.

2, 3, 4, 5 came quickly…and then there were 7, 5 black 2 yellow, all wiggly, wet and ready to eat.  Mama Zoe then took a long break, which really, can you blame her?  I spent the rest of the day, counting little pups, and hand feeding anything Zoe would eat, fresh turkey, sliced ham and left over steak (that My Loving Spouse thought would be his dinner when he got home).  Every time I checked, they looked the same, a lot of puppies on the teets.  It took a second look to often spot another new-born pup.

8 another yellow!

9 another yellow!

After a long day, I was sure she was done.  Zoe hoped she was done.  Number Two Son came home and counted…10.  10!  We counted again, black legs, black pups, tired humans…it took a few tries, and sure enough…10.Zoe is still being a picky eater.  We are catering to her.  Under the circumstance, this is fair as she is eating for 11.  Canned dog food (stinky) mixed with high protein puppy food is her current fare.  The pups…all getting rounder by the day, each one cuter than the next.7 girls, 3 boys…

Puppy love!


New Digs for the Old Boys

We’ve spent plenty of time upgrading, restoring and cleaning our wonderful old barn.  My Loving Spouse has now added new function for the old space and our two old boys are very happy about the upgrade.Our horses are not young, sort of like us and winter can be hard on them.  Unlike us, they can […]

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Farm Babies

There is a saying, that if you want to make God laugh, make plans.  Growing up, we had a dog and a cat, but even these must have been added to the household prior to any memory of mine.  Newborn animals were only experienced on Wild Kingdom or National Geographic.  There are no cows on Daleridge […]

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21 Hours At Glory Farm

Somedays nothing happens here… Other days it happens all at once. We were having Mr. T and Z for a week.   We were still waiting on Agnes to calve.  My Sorority Sister and her Husband were coming to the farm for an overnight.  It was hot and there were plenty of flies.  I warned […]

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Waiting On Agnes

Agnes is bred.  Every time My Loving Spouse says to her, “Hey, you fat old cow.”  I hush him, because even if it is true, it just isn’t nice.  Although, she is not really very old and she is not fat, she is bred/pregnant/great with calf.  We (me/My Loving Spouse/Our Friend the Farmer) thought she’d […]

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One White Sock, Buy A Horse

In case you, my dear sweet reader have forgotten, I grew up on a paved cul-de-sac street.  We (the neighborhood children) walked on a paved street to our school.  We played on that paved cul-de-sac street after school.  Some of us had animals, a dog or a cat and occasionally a hamster or a goldfish (which […]

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Naming Animals

We take our naming of animals fairly seriously around here.  If you let kids/children/people under 13 get involved, they might not take it quite as seriously as we do.  However, it does add for some interesting humor in life. The Old Ren Hen went broody.  She was determined to sit on her clutch of eggs […]

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