Cashing In

October 17, 2016

I’d love to think, that after 4.5 years, we would have been well finished with our restoration of this old home.  We are not, not at all.  Years ago, Dear John explained that we had taken on a ‘massive restoration’.  He was right, very right.  We may not be done for quite some time, but one thing never changes… I love where we live.  I experience gratitude daily, that I get to live right here, where I want to be.

From the sunrise this Sunday… sharing this little farm with others.

One of my school kids came to see me this summer.  We carved his name as best we could on a green pumpkin…with a high-tech pumpkin carving tool (a small screw driver).grateful-cash-pumpkinHe came back this weekend to pick up his pumpkin…and I gave him one more, because giving kids pumpkins that we have to cut from the vine is just plane fun.grateful-cashThe last time he came, he really wanted to hold a chicken.  Don’t ask me why.  It is a great way to live, to make kids happy with simple things.  My Loving Spouse was on-hand to catch our slowest chicken and let him hold her.  From the look on his face, I think he learned that not everything you want to try is worth it!grateful-chickenLife is good.  I get to live here….

and I am blessed.


  • Diane

    Love the title of this entry! That Sunday morning sunrise photo is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

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