Car Woes

June 26, 2015

Number Two Son is not having a lot of luck with cars.   Two months ago his car died (dead died, not to ever be driven again died) on the highway.  He bought a practical and cute little Toyota.  I remember commenting, that it would be a nice ‘career’ car when he graduated from school.  Unfortunately, that car got totaled the other night.  NO ONE was HURT, which is the very, very, very best thing.  All that was left was one frazzled son, who was broke from buying the last car.  He works hard during the summer to pay for school and his job is 48 miles away.

The car hunt began…for a cheap car (really cheap), that was great on gas mileage…

My Loving Spouse found one.  He was very excited.  Number Two test drove it across town to meet me where My Loving Spouse works so he could check out the car…because some of us are not car people.  Unfortunately, My Loving Spouse was busy…

“You two check it out”.

Number Two Son and I looked at each other.

“The tires are good,” he said.

‘Oh, yes.’

“He said to look at the engine…if it is black, then that means it has an oil leak”

‘Oh, okay’

Number Two hit the latch to open the hood and between the two of us, we even managed to get it open.  We looked at the engine… We looked at each other…  We decided to go to lunch…

After lunch My Loving Spouse was free and gave two thumbs up to purchase the cheap, great gas mileage car…that is also…ugly.

“Son, that is the kind of car that needs a name.”

We came up with a good one.

Number Two Son’s girlfriend was sent a picture of the car.

“I’m not going to lie.  It is hideous, but I love its name”.

There are a lot of other great things about this car…

– No one will want to steal it

– It can carry a lot of stuff or a lot of people

– It has one hubcap

– It does not have a LOAN

It is big, reliable and ugly.  It’s name is…Hagrid.CAR



8 responses to “Car Woes”

  1. Diane says:

    What a perfect name for a #2 son car! Harry arrived safely when he was transported by Hagrid. Glad #2 was not injured!

  2. Judy Dahlson says:

    so glad to hear number two son had NO injuries – what a bummer 🙁 Maybe a lucky lottery ticket is in his future 🙂

  3. Miriam says:

    LOVE the name!!!! May Hagrid be loyal and safe for many years for Number Two Son.

  4. John says:

    Something tells me Hagrid is going to have a nickname!

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