Cannon Beach, Oregon-Spring Break

March 25, 2017

It is easy to know, if someone has been to Cannon Beach.  You say, “Cannon Beach”, and if they’ve been there, their eyes glaze over, they smile and quite probably they sigh.

My Loving Spouse and I were due a get-away.  A get-away together, when neither of us were working, and we were somewhere we wanted to be, not somewhere we had to go.  The sea had been calling My Loving Spouse for sometime now, and with the winter we had, we were ready!

Washington and Oregon have lots of seaside towns.  There were plenty to choose from, however we are fairly poor trip planners, usually ending up in places that are a ‘near miss’.  This time I got smart.  My Loving Spouse started to name off city’s on the coast.

“There are plenty of places we can go,” he said.


“We could just drive down the coast.”

‘Nope.  We’re going where The Traveling Cousins go.’


‘They travel a lot and they love it at Cannon Beach.  That’s were I want to go.  They like Cannon Beach better than Hawaii!’

This is how we ended up with the best long weekend in a very, very long time.  We stayed at The Waves, and luckily for us, My Traveling Cousin called the hotel to double-check, that I hadn’t messed up the reservation and booked us into a non seaside room (which I had).  She got that straightened out and we were singing her praises for most of our trip, especially as we sat looking just outside our hotel room window!

Cannon Beach is just big enough to have a mixture of art galleries, coffee shops, gift shops, household stores, toy stores and kite stores… enough to enjoy a simple walk around… Plenty of places to poke around without driving anywhere…  Someone liked the kite store best, I loved watching him breaking in the kite he bought to fly with THE Grandson.We walked on the beach, reminiscent of our second date (except I did not step in tar this time, and My Loving Spouse didn’t forget to put the money in the parking meter).

We gazed at the sea and those who enjoyed it, we walked, we played cards, we enjoyed being together and being gone.  The ‘gone’ part was especially unique, as there was a ‘plumbing issue’ back at the farm and Number Two Son and Our Neighbor had to turn off the water to the house, until the Plumbing Pro showed up.  Team Offspring survived our latest plumbing issue and for the first time during one of them, My Loving Spouse and I still had HOT WATER!  (Sorry, Team Offspring, you did a great job).We are already looking forward to coming back.  It was the right fit for us, relaxing, refreshing and renewing…  I highly recommend it, go soon or go wherever your cousin goes…it worked for us!

  • Diane

    What a lovely get away!

  • Susan Scott

    I’m so glad everything worked out at The Waves, and that you enjoyed yourselves in Cannon Beach! We got your postcard, and you are so welcome!

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