Camping in the house

April 15, 2012

I like camping.  I really do, and I usually plan very well when we go camping.  This time however, I moved.  I planned, packed and projected.  Everyone including the 2 dogs and the damn cat made it in one piece.  Operation successful.

It feels like we’ve gone camping in a very big old home with no supplies and we don’t know where anything is!  Because we are redoing 90% of the downstairs hard wood floors, we’ve not moved into those rooms, which mind you includes the kitchen.  Most of the downstairs furniture is stuffed/stored in the master bedroom and I haven’t yet figured out how to get to my dresser which is crammed in the farthest corner.  My clothing options remain limited.

Sleeping here for the first time last night was interesting and cold.  All the baseboard heaters are off due to the remodeling.  The second bathroom just a shell and the wood floors still loaded with nails.  A pair of gardening crocs were left at the foot of the stairs for anyone needed to go to the bath room during the night.  Pity the poor one of us who had to race downstairs, into the crocs through the master “bedroom” storage area to make it to the only bath room, with the stomach flu.

I’d thought ahead and bought bagels for our first breakfast at home and tin foil for toasting in the oven, as we don’t know where the toaster is.  The only problem was that the oven had been removed as well to work on the floor.  The new coffee maker worked great (yep, can’t find the coffee maker either).  However, there was a distinct chemical taste to it… I’m guessing the manufacture recommends washing it first, and I’d have to agree on that score.

I got brave and dove into the “pantry” (more on that another day) where all the other kitchen and family belongs are being stored until the floors get done.  I hit pay dirt and of course found the coffee maker, but also found the toaster as well.  I for one have never been so happy to see a butter dish in my life.

  • Christa P

    I have a hunch you are going to love these wood floors more than any others!!

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