Busy Season

May 28, 2013

We are entering our ‘busy season’ here at the farm.  The bedrooms are filling up fast and the refrigerator is emptying faster.  Number Three Son arrived yesterday, ready for plenty of workshop time with My Loving Spouse.  He had to have packed his own suitcase as he forgot his suit for church (guess he’ll have to be Presbyterian this summer), forgot his sunscreen (no worries it is raining) and only brought a white sweatshirt (white???  We don’t really do white clothes here).  We don’t know what else he’s forgotten as he hasn’t been here for 24 hours yet.

Number Three is sort of a cat person and has happily re-acquainted himself with the ‘good’ cats, Tigger and Pooh, while trying to cajole the smallest, but meanest cat Roo as well.  Number Three has all the markings of being a Cat Whisperer and if any more damn cats show up here this summer, it will clearly be his fault.


Number Three and his dad spent most of the day with Whoa Nelly Walton.  They’ve moved Nelly into the car bay of the work shop, installed a driver’s seat (bucket), had lunch, built a Facebook page for the car’s restoration progress and got it to run for 5 seconds (give or take a second), which is the most it has run in 40 years.  Whatever they are using to put the gas into the truck, clearly must be full of leaks, as they both have the rather strong odor of petrol….and I mean strong.  They are dirty, quite smelly and extremely happy.  All is good.

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