The Blue Rock Saloon

December 7, 2017

The Blue Rock Saloon.  Saloon, as in western bar, John Wayne watering hole.  Swinging doors, yep, they have those.  Door handles that let you know, this is a ‘saloon’, not a salon.

I’d define the atmosphere a ‘Western Whimsical’.  Unlike Glory Farm, the Saloon has completed their Holiday decorating.

Every end of the Saloon is decorated.

Not completely a John Wayne style hang out, as a few servers have ‘Man-buns’ and there is ping pong.  

…and corn holes.A free pool table and shuffle board invites folks to play…

..or to just sit a spell.  It is My Loving Spouse’s new favorite place to eat.  The food is yummy and inexpensive.  Our Taco Tuesday feast, included 2 beers and the bill was under $20.

We’ve even managed to run into Number Two and Number Four Son here.

Well, not here….I suppose it is possible for My Loving Spouse to run into them here.  (Yes, he did take this picture of the urinals for me, proving ‘true love knows no bounds.)

There is a calendar of events posted to the wall and I cannot wait for next summer, when ‘line dancing’ will be re-scheduled.  I’ll be showing up in my dancing boots (those would be the ones that don’t have cow/chicken/horse poop on them) and do a bit of stomping and shuffling and having some fun!

…and I am blessed!


  • Diane

    Looks like a fun place! And good looking food!

  • Miriam

    Great “western” decor! Do I see the back of a truck cut out to house the red dinette seating?

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