Betty Bibs Branches Out

February 17, 2016

Number Two Son’s simple words put everything in motion.

“Hey, Mom, I bet you could sell your sewing in the Cave B tasting room.”


“Oh, yeah, you know, your bibs and table runners and stuff.  People like to shop when they are wine tasting.”

‘For bibs?’

“You’d be surprised.  A lot of folks come for the weekend and this is the first time they’ve left their kids.

My first serious thought was business-like:  I can’t imagine I’d make much money selling bibs….?

My second thought was tenacious worker-like:  I wonder how many bibs I could make in a week…?

My next important thoughts did not come for a long time, because I was busy sewing bibs.

A nice selection of ‘Betty Bibs’ were delivered to the winery, just as they were going into their slow season.  With winter upon us and the Cave B Inn closed, my expectations were realistic.   However, I did receive a small sales check out of the blue…which brought new thoughts…creative person-like:  Someone who doesn’t know me, liked my work…and paid money for it!  This was a meaningful affirmation and it settled deep in my soul.

‘Hey, Number Two Son, do you think that Cave B would sell my table runners too?’

“Ahhh, yes Mom…I sort of told you that in the beginning.”

‘Oh, really?’  (This conversation is somewhat a recurring theme with Team Offspring and I).  

The Tasting Room Manager said, that they would love to have ‘any items we wished place in the tasting room and that many of their artists provide ways to display their items’.

I am now bombarded by thoughts…creative person-like:  She called me an artist!  I start to revel in this thing called creative entrepreneur.  

Entrepreneur-like:  I am delighted that I get more control of how our items are displayed.

My Loving Spouse builds me a glorified step-ladder, perfect for showcasing our items with a small footprint, for the tasting room.  Just right for my table runners…betty bibs cave b

My Loving Spouse’s chalkboard pigs and saddle crosses.

betty bib cave b pig

…and of course…Betty Bibs!betty bibs cave b wineI become more confident in our pricing…channeling what I call my ‘inner Ta’.  (Ta is a creative friend, with loads of talent and bucket loads of self-confidence about the worth of her products.)

With the joy of creating, the confirmation from buyers and my own little entrepreneur artistic space…my self confidence grows and I keep sewing…

table runner paper pieced 2…and surprise myself!  (Yes, that is a wine glass in the far corner as this was finished up after dinner.  Let’s remember that this is a true life blog!)table runner paper piecedI have learned so much about sewing from Pinterest, other artists, sewers, quilters who willing share their knowledge.  I saw these string blocks and jumped at the chance to try it out!  One of my very great surprises about my new life here is this sewing…that it calms me, provides gifts for friends and family, support (quilts) to people I may not even know and this artistic business.

Yes, I am blessed.

7 responses to “Betty Bibs Branches Out”

  1. Ellen Walton says:

    Thank you so much dear creative friend!
    I know your words are true…and I appreciate them, because I could not say them myself.
    The string quilting is so much fun! Give it a go!!!
    many hugs to you,
    thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Diane says:

    How wonderful to have a place to showcase your beautiful pieces and earn some cash. May your business grow by leaps and bounds!

  3. Shel Jensen says:

    Very beautiful and colorful! Your imagination is your only limit! Keep up the good work!

  4. Miriam says:

    I’ve been waiting for you to see the light regarding your creative side!!! Woot! Woot! Good thing you listened to Number Two Son. Re: pricing, which is something I always struggle with, look at what other accomplished sewers like yourself are charging on Etsy to get an idea if you are too low. Your bibs are adorable and table runners are so country cozy. Where else can you display your wares? And remember, “if they can see it and touch it, they will buy it.” Here’s to your new venture!!!

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Thank you so very, very much!
      Etsy has helped with the pricing, that is good advice. The winery gets a bigger clientele, so I think that is a good thing. How wonderful for me, that I get to do something I love AND sell it as well!!!
      Appreciate your encouragement!!!

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