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April 3, 2013

It is spring and everyone is busy, especially the farmers.  Our Friend the Farmer is very, very busy getting his fields ready, which means the final bred cows need a bit of ‘watching’.  I am on it!  I have been upgraded to actually ‘helpful cow watcher’ as opposed to my previous description of just plain ‘humorous cow watcher’.  I got ‘the call’ that he was busy and the creamy colored cow looked to be in labor, could I keep an eye on her?

Could I?  You bet!

Some cows like a bit of ‘space’ when they are calving.  I don’t blame them, if I was pushing out 65 pounds of calf, I’d want more than just some space!  Luckily, I have just the tool for keeping my cow watching eye on her and giving her space… my cow-noculars!  These gems work great, so I was able to see the cute little calf born, give her some space, report in to Our Friend the Farmer that all arrived well and able to bring my friend The Preacher’s wife and daughter over in time to see the little heifer get to her feet.


I had predicted the Shifty-Eyed Hereford would be the last to calf, but I was wrong.  She snuck off during the night to calf without the benefit of cow watchers or their cow-noculars.  However, she did have one of the cutest little calves to date.  I went to ‘check’ on the cows and found the little calf on the wrong side of the fence.  I called the situation into Our Friend the Farmer, who then upgraded me from Cow Watcher to Calf Wrangler.  I’d like to say I did an amazing calf wrangling job, but really what happened is that as I approached the calf, she stood up, looked around for her Mama Cow and went… “Mooo”, which translates into… “Oh…(British Bad Word)”.  She then turned and tried to go through the smallest part of the feeding gate to return to mom, getting her back-end stuck.  It was up to me to give her back-end a lift… story of my life!





2 responses to “Being Useful”

  1. Miriam says:

    I so love your cow stories. Feels like I’m there watching it with you.

  2. Heather Flatley says:

    oh I love the cows, the babies are so cute, thanks for the great photos!

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