Barn Cats

November 4, 2015

Barn catsThese are barn cats.  They are supposed to live in the barn.  They prefer the house.  There is currently a very active skunk living under the barn, so now the barn cats really prefer the house and smell faintly like skunk.  I would normally say that we have too many cats living in the house (numbered at 1), but as The Damn Cat caught a mouse in the kitchen the other night while we were watching TV in the family room 6 feet away, she is currently not a bad cat.  However, we do not need any more cats in the house, especially ones that smell faintly of skunk.

The dogs have a room of their own.  The dog room opens to the pantry and the pantry opens to the kitchen.  The dog room lost their door flap when the Grand Dogs were visiting.  Replacing the door flap is on the list.  The barn cats have figured out that they can come into the house from the dog room, if they make a run for it while the dogs are eating their breakfast.  Yesterday morning My Loving Spouse was fetching the second round of coffee to find the kitchen full of barn cats with one stuck behind the refrigerator yowling.

Replacing the dog door flap is moving up on the list.

A hunting expedition is being planned for the skunk in the barn, want to come?

  • Miriam

    Uh, Sorry, Ellen. Gonna have to pass on the skunk hunt invitation. I do have a recipe for getting skunk smell off dogs, though. If you should need it….. May the force be with you.

    • I have had two narrow misses so far and the dog just one! This skunk is getting brave!

  • Richard Godley

    The Damn Cat is SO deserving of a billet IN the house – hasn’t she just proved herself??? I can’t believe how much she looks like my much moved and much missed Pepsipussycat – I did wonder is she was a reincarnation or some such flower! Go on Ellen – let her in for the winter…you’ll never know she’s there!!

    • The Damn Cat does get to stay in the house…it is just the other 5 or 6 that must sleep in the barn! Not all of our visitors are as good as you about cat hair!

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