Back To Normal

November 28, 2017

We are back to ‘normal’ after having over 300 people traipse through our home during the Homespun Holiday Boutique 3 days ago.  ‘Normal’ meaning, we haven’t managed to put very much away…We cannot find the ironing board.  (I know!  Who looses their ironing board?)

The dishwasher is also missing.That’s not true, I know exactly where it is.  It is on the porch.  It stopped working….a while ago.  I wish this next picture had been staged, but unfortunately, it is all true.  I just snapped this picture as I ran off to work today.My Loving Spouse went off to procure a new dishwasher, so all is good.  I am almost as excited about the new dishwasher as I am these bulletin boards I re-purposed out of feed bags.

…and we are blessed….messy, but blessed.

2 responses to “Back To Normal”

  1. Miriam says:

    I hope your holiday boutique was a great success! Obviously it was, because you sold your ironing board!

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