Back On The Trail

September 17, 2016

trail-rideSchool is back in session, so My Loving Spouse and I did what we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  We hit the trail.  The September evening was gorgeous and perfect for a trail ride.  Out the back gate, along the John Wayne Trail with a loop back along the canal.  This also brings us up close to Our Friend the Farmer’s Parked Up Project Lot.  Don’t judge, remember our bathtub came from this treasure trove.  Every time we ride by, My Loving Spouse comments on a particular truck, “he’d love to get his hands on”…trail-ride-junk-yardI’ll be honest, I spent most of the time riding along the canal keeping my eye at the bottom of the water.  I was working on getting the ‘Mother of the Year’ award, by locating a certain Son’s car key he lost early in the summer, while floating the canal.  trail-ride-2School is back in session.  I love my job.  This week was the first week for kindergartener.  We have all day kindergarten….thought up by some bright spark, who has never actually taught all day kindergarten.  The last hour of all day kindergarten is a bit like herding 20 cats and then someone throws water on them, cold water…yep, it is like that.

We had 20 in the library, sitting on the rug, which looked a bit more like wiggling live bait.  Ten minutes into our library time:

  • One boy looked up burst into tears, crying with gusto…  “I miss my Mommy!”
  • A lost 5 year old wandered in from another class, noticed we had books and thought he’d stay
  • A teacher in an adjoining room asked if I could watch her class, while she went to look for a girl who had not returned from using the bathroom

After giving up or giving in or getting smart, we broke out lots of legos and let the poor little ones play until it was time to go out to recess.  Upon, being told it was time for recess, one little boy exclaimed,

“Outside!!  I was just out there!  Nope, I am not going!”

…and so, when I get the opportunity to take a trail ride…I will take it!


  • Diane

    I taught Kindergarten for 4 years. Many, many times during the first 6 weeks each year, I would lament my choice. It is sooooo hard at the beginning. Fortunately, the rest of the year is much, much better. May you enjoy many more trail rides!

    • They are funny! I think you have found your match at 1st grade. Happy fall!

  • Lisa

    I think if I ever write a memoir it will be called “Live Bait and Legos”.

    • Perfect! Your live bait description is just the best ever!

  • Miriam

    Just a suggestion…. nap time in the middle of the school day. For the kids, not you! 🙂

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