August 31st.

August 31, 2017

The end of summer is in the air, in a way I’d never experienced in the first half century of my life living in Southern California.  There, the end of August meant very little, other than the prospect of a month or more of continued hot weather.

I have stopped watering the vegetable garden in fear of rotting my plethora of pumpkins…and all my green tomatoes just keep staying green.

The geese are in the air, taunting My Loving Spouse, as if they know, that it is not hunting season…yet.

While we are still barbecuing, our croquet games start before dinner rather than after.  The season stats would show, that although I’ve played the most, I’ve won the least.  No wonder Team Offspring just laughs, when I remind them with my ‘pre-game’ admonishment of “No Crying When I Clean Your Clock”.

The garden projects are not really complete, just broken into phases called ‘this year’ and ‘next year’.

There is a ‘Hoedown in The Down Town’.  Lights are strung and the community comes.  The event is fun, festive and free.  Folks in sandals, boots and sneakers are all one, when the music starts.  As we have finally reached the point, where all of his bad joints have been replaced with new ones, My Loving Spouse gets home from work early, to take me dancing.

…and I am blessed.

6 responses to “August 31st.”

  1. Diane says:

    What a lucky woman to have a husband that will take her dancing!

  2. Dean Baker says:

    I cannot believe that it is the end of summer already! So sad, your garden looks awesome!

  3. Miriam says:

    Ya know, you can always fry those green tomatoes!

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