Architectural Salvage Stores

May 25, 2014

It might not come as a surprise to you, that I have a thing for old stuff…especially, ‘Architectural Salvage’.   If you’ve sat at our dinning room table, you soon realize that it was fashioned from a French Door, I ‘rescued’ from the side of the road.  Many years ago when I found out, that there were actually stores that sold architectural salvage, I was practically giddy!  I have more than one friend that have been drug through the Architectural Salvage stores in downtown Los Angeles with me, because the stores were not exactly in the best part of town and I often needed help dragging home a treasure, but mostly because I loved to share the magic!

I’ve found two wonderful salvage stores in Seattle, Earth Wise and Second Use.  A cutting table/storage unit for the sewing studio is what prompted the trip over the hill.  My Loving Spouse had his eye on some old radiators (that we did not buy), but there was a lot of anticipation as we never know what we might find…

salvagepicm4I would have bought this gorgeous old gate, if

a.  I needed another dinning room table

b.  I didn’t have the longest list ever of projects already started

c.  I was thinking fast enough to find something to justify spending the money on it

salvagepicm2There are always plenty of bath tubs, sinks, toilets, doors and windows…

salvagepicm7Ding dong…need a doorbell?

salvagepicm10It is important to keep your eyes open and look high and low or you might miss some little item…

salvagepicm8Knowing these beautiful windows have a home while awaiting their next location, just sort of makes me happy.

salvagepicm13Beautiful old door knobs or glass knobs for cabinetry are a must in old homes…

salvagepicm12Some things are a bit of art in and of themselves…salvagepicm5Did I mention, you might not know what you will find?  My Loving Spouse fell in love with the pipes to an old wooded organ, someone bought him one for his early Father’s Day present.salvagepicm11If you have a thing for pink…well, you are in luck…salvagepicm1


salvagepicm9There is plenty of ‘trash to treasure’ items, stuff you’ve never heard off or seen and always the unexpected.salvagepicm14

We even found what we went for, but that is another story…

  • Peggy

    I’m salivating viewing your shopping trip to the salvage store……..a MUST when I visit hopefully sometime this summer or fall.

    Peggy O

  • Diane Brown

    Can’t wait to see what project is next.

  • Miriam

    What a fun place!!!

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