Angus Roberto Walton

September 20, 2015

Angus Roberto Walton or ‘Bob’ as we lovingly called him (when he wasn’t getting out) made me a sort of ‘official’ cattle gal.  I had a cow, Agnes and she calved Bob, which grew my herd.   bobpicm2Bob grew…and Bob got out.  Bob liked to eat bananas….and occasionally, Bob got out.

Bob is a Black Angus.  Black Angus are raised for meat.  We were going to have a problem eating Bob.  cows…and so we did what made sense, we sold Bob. When the buyer came, I chased Bob down with the bike and moved him straight into the loading shoot and right into the trailer.  I acted like I knew just what I was doing…and the truth is…I do.  The buyer got a good healthy steer and we got a good price for him…which really, really makes me a true Cattle Gal…and a little bit sad…and a little bit proud.

Good bye Bob…and we wonder…. if he’s gotten out yet?

  • Diane

    Sounds like Bob has made it official. Glory Farm is actually Glory Ranch!

    • Thanks Diane!
      My little investment has grown!!

  • Miriam

    Run for it, Bob! Keep running!!!! You just might wake up one morning to see Bob looking at you thru the window.

    • Now that would be something! A ‘homing cow’!

  • Soon to be shopping for a hat & lariet?

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