And Then There Were Two

August 20, 2017

Our pups have been making their transition from Glory Farm to their new family.  These families are so important to us.  This is a huge reason to do this litter…helping good homes, get good dogs…

“June” and Carl….a second ‘family’ set.  Carl’s sister has Remi, one of our puppies from last year….  I cannot even count the number of times Carl thanked us for this little pup.

We love for our pups to go to friends, or friends of friends….

This darling girl will go to live the island life on Whidbey Island, via a Southern California friend of ours….

Speaking of Sisters…These 3 cried when they heard they were getting a puppy, but which pup?  Big sister is holding their pup, while little sister is holding their Aunt’s pup!  Sister’s getting darling black girls…Here she is…

What about the boys?  Brother’s getting our only set of black boys?Diesel and Maverick are off to great homes….these boys just make us smile.

and before we knew it, then there were 2…

..and we are blessed.

  • Miriam

    That last picture of the 2 chewing on someone’s shoe and jeans is so cute! Are you keeping these two?

    • The ‘someone’ is me. I just finished riding Beau and I think everything tasted good to them. We are just keeping the little boy, Gunner. The woman getting the girl wanted her to stay a little bit longer…. They look so much a like, we have to peak to see which one is which!

  • Diane

    So adorable-the puppies and all the new owners! Such a blessing!

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