December 16, 2017

Agnes is home and Alice is here!  Whoo and hoo!  I had been saving pumpkins to share with them as a homecoming treat.  They were very appreciative.

Alice is a Black Angus Cow, that we purchased from Our Friend the Farmer.  She is from the same year as Agnes, so they are sort of sisters.  Alice missed her date at the prom this year, so she was available for purchase.  Alice will be Agnes’ companion and sent to the prom again next year for another ‘try’.  Agnes, on the other hand, is ‘great with child’, due in the spring.The ‘girls’ are easy to tell apart, as Alice (on the left) is a tad beefier than Agnes, but don’t say that to her, as that is a bit rude.  She is meant to be ‘cow’ (calf breeding machine), not ‘hamburger’.

We’ve named her after My Loving Spouse’s Grandmother, after all we’ve already named a calf after my Grandmother (Clara).

I am so excited to be expanding my herd and will enjoy them every day, until they get ‘out’, then I may say a Bad British word.  I have learned however, that is part of the cattle business.  

The chickens have had plenty of time to decorate as they are on an egg laying sabbatical!

Alice is home for the holidays and we are very blessed.

  • Miriam

    Nothing says Christmas like a couple of cows in the field! Merry Christmas my friend!

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