December 11, 2013

Some people fall in love with cows, some people don’t.  I cannot explain it.  Love is a magical thing….

Welcome home Agnes, our newest heifer.  We are completely upgraded to having cattle now, having two!  Agnes is a Black Angus heifer, who was previously known as 215.  We are happy you are here!  ‘We‘ might be a bit strong.  ‘I‘ am happy you are here.  My family is mostly supportive, because they are kind, they love me and well, because they like steak.

agnes3.picmAgnes & Elsie

I had plans to get a heifer and a steer from Our Friend the Farmer’s calves this year, but then Agnes got thrown into the mix.  Agnes is a bred heifer.  (City friends – bred means pregnant, heifer means she has never had a calf before)  Our Friend the Farmer had 17 heifers out with the bull for the spring/summer.  This usually produces calves in February & March.  Perfect timing as then in the spring he is getting the fields ready for the summer hay season.  The hay growers in this valley do 3 things during the summer, work to bring their hay in, eat & sleep (a bit).  Now, we don’t really know what happened out in the field, perhaps the bull was tired, perhaps Agnes was coy or hard to catch or just shy, but she seems a docile cow, so I think she was just shy, but whatever the ‘issue’, Agnes is set to calve in June, a tad ‘late’ for Our Friend the Farmer.  When he got the news he probably said a bad British word.  Then he came up with his plan, called, I’ll sell her to Ellen and so he did and so now I will have my own cow calve.  How cool is that!!  (Notice the use of two exclamation points…this is very exciting!)  (If you are a member of Team Offspring and you are reading this, you can stop rolling your eyes now).

agnes2.picmAgnes & Dixie

Our horses welcome the newest member of the herd.  Agnes took one whiff of each horse and then shook her head, apparently horses do not smell as good as cow.

agnes1.picmElsie & Agnes

Our two girls get re-acquainted, as they came from the same herd, born in the same spring.  Elsie is much smaller, being born a twin and with ‘issues’.   Elsie, the first of the “What am I going to do with her heifers” from Our Friend the Farmer…to here…

Glory Farm the perfect place for animals not quite so perfect….

and no, we do NOT need any more cats!

  • Heather Flatley

    Ed wants to know when the cattle drive and branding will take place!

    • Ellen

      Heather, tell Ed, that there is a cattle drive he can come on with a LOT of cattle the first weekend in February… Pat says Ed can ride Dolly. I will ride Beau and he and you will be the smart two riding warm in the truck!

  • Diane Brown

    Agnes is beautiful AND you get to watch your own calf being born!!

  • Jason

    Beyond cute! Awww…the pastoral life!

  • Miriam

    Welcome Agnes! I hope she knows what a wonderful farm she has been adopted into.
    Um, slightly off the point, but can Elsie have children? Just wondering….

  • Joed

    AGNES is one of my all-time favorite names!! Remind me to tell you the story:) Another fun blog, Ellen!!

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