Ageless Fun

August 13, 2012

Fun was ageless this weekend as we celebrated the Newlyweds birthdays, and invited the Bride’s Grandma down for the day.  At 83 she walks with a walker or cane and a smile on her face.  What fun to share the farm with her.  Her walker goes over rocky ground pretty darn good, so the first stop was of course to check out the chickens, the horses came to be given a pat and an occasional cat dropped by for some attention.   I knew she would enjoy being here, but what delight it was to see her willingness to take advantage of the fun.  Announcing she’d like to sit on the swing was  no surprise to me, our porch swing is a peaceful and popular spot to watch the life of the farm.  However, she meant the swing that hangs in the tree.  Grandma is just a little thing, so getting on the kids’ swing was the hardest part, then she leaned back, threw her legs up and began pumping away!

The farm opportunity holds many surprises.  Not the least of which is the city born, gun averse Groom, who now never misses the opportunity to help eradicate the stinky, nasty, overly pooping pigeon population in the barn.  The biggest surprise was his announcement that he’d like to go bird hunting, much to the delight of my loving hunter spouse.  Grandma as well, decides she’d like to try a little target practice.

The offspring too believe, no one is too old to have fun.  This weekend I was hit with water balloons, we played golf on the pasture, I lost at cards, and jumped into the (cold and a bit slimy) pond.  Getting into the pond was actually the easy part. The dock needs a few more rungs on its ladder so climbing out is a bit of a challenge.  With the Groom’s help I managed to land on the dock with all the grace and agility of a beached whale.  I am glad we stopped some of the work for fun and really wouldn’t have changed a thing, well, except for the kids aim with the water balloons.

One response to “Ageless Fun”

  1. Sheena says:

    Love it!

    Nothing like having fun! Keep it up.

    Love to you all,


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