October 31, 2013

After ‘denial’ comes ‘acceptance’…

It was clear that I had arrived at ‘acceptance’ when I found myself ordering not one, but two firewood organizers.  Gone was any sense of my ‘denial’, ‘denial’ that the whole ‘cold’ season was a fluke last year and the need for warmth in the form of large, large piles of firewood a necessity.


If you’ve been raised by my mother, after ‘acceptance’ comes ‘preparedness’ to say nothing of ‘organization’.  In my ‘acceptance’, came the realization that the need for firewood, in the wood shed, on the porch and in the house, was our reality and the cute little fire wood baskets of last year needed replacement with hefty, large, useful and attractive wood storage system/s.


Set and ready and looking good.  Getting the hang of this stuff….bring it on….




5 responses to “Acceptance”

  1. Shelba and Donald Jensen says:

    Remember to put out a few of those beautiful quilts you’ve made for snuggling under.

  2. Al says:

    You need one of these:

  3. Sheena says:

    Your second photo looks like the most fantastic 5 * bug hotel!
    I did that once ( stored the logs outside) and when I put a log on the fire all the wood lice, and spiders that had decided to winter there came crawling out trying to avoid the flames, it was like watching a horror movie! Yuck! I can still see them!

    • Ellen says:

      As we go through about 4 cords of wood, there are plenty of bugs that could get burned up. They will need a new home to survive around here!

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