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June 1, 2012

So I was just sitting on my tractor, little John D.  We were off and mowing grass, weeds and a bit of baler twine.  (Baler twine is the plastic ‘rope’ they bale hay with.  It is pretty handy and tough stuff, so legend has it that the previous owner used it for everything… repairing fences, holding gates open, tying barn doors open or shut and then some.  We have various colors of baler twine and we have it everywhere, on fences and especially hidden in the grass.)  When we walk the dogs at night, we pick up baler twine.  I think baler twine reproduces at night, and you never really get it all cleaned up, just like Lego’s and Barbie shoes used to do.

The birds were singing, which they do a LOT here, the sun was shinning and it was NOT windy.  Spring time in Ellensburg = wind.  No wind = crop dusting.  The helicopter flew about 40 feet over my head, the pilot waved and dived down to 10 feet and sprayed the field next door. This kept this ‘city girl’ and Paddy the pilot quite amused.  Fun to watch as the helicopter swept up and down over our barns taking special care when near the field with our horse in it.  Then it flew back to its truck, landed on the special truck bed, filled up with dust crop juice and back to the sky.

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